SMS info was to be released today but go figure no release

Well here we go again. First they can not get a hearing date for dumhead Jimenez and now they do not release the SMS results of the audit. Does the CFL do anything right any more? :lol:

The day is young...

////you'd think the sms info. would have been released in good time so clubs could adjust their draft-choices accordingly ...IF some teams are affected because they exceeded the slary cap, that could throw a curve into the process.....seems like the league is leaving things a little late in the surprize though.... :roll:

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Front page now, rw05...fill yer boots...

WUUUUUHHHH?!?!?!?! Montreal loses a draft pick for going over by $108,000? :expressionless:

Can't say I agree with them. Fine them, yes. But I see no need to take away a draft pick...

Edit: And why is Hamilton getting an extra pick? Honestly... Did you see the NFL give Miami an extra pick after the Patriots lost theirs?

As per the rules if you go over by 100K you lose the pick

I suppose the only way to show the SMS must be adhered to is to make it severe from the get-go.

I suppose you have a point...

And I suppose the other 6 teams being under didn't really help their cause. Looks like the Cap can work.

jm02 there is nothing severe in this ruling.

The league just enforced the rules that were there. Not enforcing them tells the teams don't worry about going over any excuse is a good excuse.

Well I dont see it as working yet!
I would wait untill the front ended contracts expire first to make that call

I agree, within the next year or two, there will be some good quality players in free agency, because the teams may not have the resources to pay them.

I think most teams will try to be under. The only question mark in my mind is how many times will teams exceed the cap by having a papercut brigade before all teams do it. That will then be end of the sms.

I hope if the league opens up discussions on how to improve the cap, they also tighten make the penalities more bigger.

Well mikejth, I think they needed one year under their belt to see if any tweaking is to be done. I think the rules after this year are pretty open now where as prior to the end of the season there was some uncertainly of them. Teams now what ia admissible and what is not admissible as far as injuries. We all have to remember the league will up salaries each year. One thing for sure at the start of the 2007 season Ted Hellard stated two teams would play over the cap and I guess we know who they are. The Riders management should take a bow after the mess they were in to be only 76,000 over.

I would like to know what Charboneau's salary was. I am neither defending nor condemning what they did.
I am just curious as to where the Als would stand had they not done what they did, but I am prety sure it was more than 108K

Steve Charbonneau salary was,at the beginning of the season, in the $80,000.; after 7 or 8 weeks and once the Als knew that he would not be back, his salary was reduced to $55,000.

Without this "case" the Als excess would have been basically the same as the Riders. No lost of a draft pick

Unfortunate and I hope that the SMS is reviewed with the Steve Charbonneau case in minds. Otherwise, the players with illness not related to football will be on their own.

For showing compassion, the Als have been penalized financially and 1 less draft choice.

Yes. It should be a hard cap. This is better then MLB but not as effective as other major leagues.

So what's stopping the Als from swinging a trade with Hamilton for say, their first two picks in the draft ?

I think we just created a loop hole. :wink:

By severe, Mike, I simply meant that they allowed zero leniency whatsoever for the Als, considering the player's medical needs this season, and their decision to keep him on the roster...I'm terribly sorry that I had to break this down for you, although not at all surprised...

I also don't understand why Hamilton gets the last pick of the first round. Shouldn't it just be scrapped?

This would be a clutch time for the ti-cats to pick up some key players. Essentially 3 1st round picks...

What loop hole?
Any team can do that at anytime

76,000, quite a bit less than the 300K+ number that you believed it to be eh , 05? Time to eat some crow on that one.