SMS and Video Replay approved

Interesting to see this on the home page. Must of had the 3/4 required. Wonder if this will extend to the vote on the commish?

I just found this link to the Instant Replay manual.

Tillman coming up


So far so good on Wright's agenda

Wright’s future was NOT on the agenda!

Replay Manual.... Another book for Kanga to try changing.... Geez ro1313....did you have to tell everyone? :wink:

is the new cap 3.8 or 3.7 million?

Please forgive me. I will never do it again!

3.8 Million, I think.

Ecellect that both have been approved.

That was very interesting. One section that confused me was:

Time will not be put back onto the game clock as a result of a successful Replay challenge. On the last play of a half if time runs out during a play that is subsequently reviewed, the half is over, regardless of the result of the review.

So....if the challenge is accepted, and that happens to be a TD, they don't get a chance to kick the convert?

But overall, I'm excited to see what happens with the video replay. I'm happy they're taking a chance with it. I think it's a step in the right direction - but only time will tell.

Ummmmmmmm, you are always allowed to kick the convert, even if the time has run out. What that is saying is that if you challenge a play, and you win, the time will not be changed back to when the play started.

I do no think the game clock runs during converts.

Yes, you're right. But the way it's worded: "The half OVER" is what seemed confusing.

I beleive the clock runs on converts prior to the 3 minute warning. I think after three minute warning the clock will be held...ro1313, you're pretty good with I close?

No, the clock doesn't run on Converts, it's a freebie point. It only runs after the kick from the kickoff, or game over if there is no time.

I can check the books if you want me too.

As for you know what, same rules on the convert as now would apply, now if you excuse me, I'm going for a smoke. :cowboy:

1)The clock runs on converts except on those in the last 3 minutes of each half. As sportsman has stated.
2)There is no convert attempt after the winning touchdown in OT.
3)If time has run out in the half and will not be put back on the clock, why challenge in the first place

I think it depends on the call, and if it will win you the game or not, like, bad example, if the Titans player put the ball close to the line that it looks like it crosses during the Super Bowl, that was the case, but that would be a good play to throw a flag.

So the clock does count down during the convert, OK, that's cool, thank god of the three minute warnings.

  1. in the half
  2. other than a scoring play

I'm sorry Ro, I don't get your point, could you explain that, please?

Earth to Ro, come in Ro, are you receiving me? are you there?


The point I was getting at RO was the wording seemed confusing. Suppose the following scenario occurred. On the last play of the first half, team A throws an incomplete pass into the end zone. They challenge, and the call is overturned. They get their TD, but according to the wording of the rule, would they be eligible for the convert?

On the last play of a half if time runs out during a play that is subsequently reviewed, the half is over, regardless of the result of the review.

So I’m confused, are they allowed to attempt the convert or not. I’m sure team B would argue they are NOT, based on the wording.