SMS and the Draft

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question about forfeiting draft picks due to cap violations. According to a team that exceeds the cap by more than $100,000 will lose their first round pick in addition to being fined. So here's a scenario:

Team A trades their 1st round pick in the 2010 draft to Team B which turns out to be the 4th overall pick. Team A then goes over the cap in 2009 by more than $100,000. Does the trade with Team B need to be re-done because Team A lost their 1st round pick or would Team A lose their 1st round pick in 2011?

Personally I would think the trade would have to be re-worked because you can't trade something that you don't have and by allowing the trade to stay as is then Team A isn't being punished now but in the next year and the teams who draft from the 5th spot on would be, in effect, punished this year because they wouldn't move up a spot. Given that Hamilton forfeited their 1st round pick in 2010 to pick up Carlson in the supplemental draft (the #5 pick), the teams picking in the 6-8 spots would be affected the most if the trade was allowed to stand as is because they would only move up 1 place in this year's draft instead of 2.

Anyone know what would be done in that scenario? And for those wondering, yes I've based this scenario on the rumours that the Esks are over the cap this season but even if they aren't I curious about how things would be handled by the league.

From what I remember, Team A would lose its next available draft pick ( let's say 2nd round) and the 1st rounder the following year and so on. Think of the 2nd rounder as interest... League also has the ability to determine a substitute compensation by combining lesser picks I believe.

Interesting but don't you think that penalizes teams like the Als who pick lower in the draft? Picking 6th in 2010 is better than picking 7th in 2011. If compensation acceptable to Team B is given by Team A then they aren't really penalized for losing the pick from the trade.

I think the Commish has a lot of room to maneuver in those circumstances. I suppose it could get messy.

Here is the draft order according to the Regina Leader Post. Hamilton forfeited a pick in the 1st round...dsoesn't answer the question posed above, but I thought it was interesting to see a team having to forfeit a pick. I assume this is due to an SMS violation...

2010 CFL Draft Order
(Draft date TBA and order subject to change)
First round: 1. Toronto; 2. Winnipeg; 3. B.C.; 4. Saskatchewan via Edmonton; 5. Hamilton (forfiet); 6. Calgary; 7. Saskatchewan; 8. Montreal.
Second round: 9. Toronto via Saskatchewan via Toronto; 10. Edmonton via Winnipeg; 11. B.C.; 12. Toronto via Edmonton; 13. Hamilton; 14. Calgary; 15. Montreal via Saskatchewan; 16. Montreal.
Third round: 17. Calgary via Winnipeg; 18. Toronto; 19. B.C.; 20. Edmonton; 21. Toronto via Hamilton; 22. Calgary; 23. Edmonton via Toronto via Saskatchewan; 24. Montreal.
Fourth round: 25. Toronto; 26. Winnipeg; 27. B.C.; 28. Toronto via Edmonton; 29. Hamilton; 20. Winnipeg via Calgary; 31. B.C. via Saskatchewan; 32. Montreal.
Fifth round; 33. Toronto; 34. Saskatchewan via Winnipeg; 35. B.C.; 36. Edmonton; 37. Hamilton; 38. Calgary; 39. Toronto via Saskatchewan; 40. Montreal.
Sixth round: 41. Toronto; 42. B.C. via Winnipeg; 42. B.C.; 44. Edmonton; 45. Toronto via Hamilton; 46. Winnipeg via Calgary; 47. Calgary via Winnipeg via Saskachewan; 48. Montreal.

That is very interesting.... I follow the CFL quite closely and have never heard of the Salary Cap numbers even being givin out yet.

What your not seeing in the post above is that the original article mentionned that this was NOT FINAL AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE so yes a team could still lose a pick or trade a pick. some picks are even options in certain trades.

Hamilton forfeited their first round pick in 2010 because they took Zac Carlson from the supplemental draft in 2009. Carlson wasn’t able to prove that he had lived in Canada long enough to be classified an NI in time for the 2009 draft so he was put in the supplemental draft.

If teams go over the cap the CFL does make an announcement saying by how much and what the penalty will be. The Riders have gone over the cap both years since the SMS was implemented and Montreal went over the first year. With the Riders both years they went over by under $100,000 so they were fined. Montreal was over by more than $100,000 so they received a fine and had to forfeit their 1st round pick in the 2008 draft.