Which qb in the league do you think has the smoothest delivery, you know looks like little or no effort to get it off, fluid not jerky, a guy like that could throw 50 passes a game before he even breaks a sweat. There are some real smooth qbs in the league right now. I think I would have to give it to chochochock, Rickyyyyyyyy Ray.

Without a doubt, Ricky Ray.

After watching tonights Hamilton/Riders amateur hour football game, Ricky Ray is in a different league then Greene/McManus.

Greene and McShamus are in a league of their own.

I know that Greene is not the best quarterback in the league but I’m really impressed with his play. He played an excellent game here last week against the Bombers. It is really hard to judge him tonight against the Ti-Cats when there were probably 10 dropped passes by the Rider receivers. Considering how sloppy the game was i think Nealon played a pretty decent game, and i still have confidence in him.

As far as the smoothest delivery goes, as much as i hate to say it I would have to go with Ricky Ray.

Calvillo makes it look pretty smooth with his quick delivery. Helps when you have receivers like he does. I’m impressed with Kerry Joseph’s strength.

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!

Anyone who thinks Greene played well is blinded by the color Green.

Greene is probably the weekest starting QB in the league right now.

Dickenson and Maas pass the same a Ray easy to catch, and on target.
Printers, ALlan and Greene can run and make the rush miss. But Allan can also throw the ball around corners …it’s amazing to watch. There was a play last week where he was running from guys who could have been his sons and he threw it up the sidelines sidearm, on a rope, and the reciever caught it in mid-stride two seconds before he would have been creamed if he stayed in bounds and running out of room with two strides before he ran out of bounds.
As fo Greene being weak, he won’t hurt you he puts you in position to kick at least and he holds the record for the most yards rushing by a quarterback at 180.
Maas is a pure passer too and I would not be suprised to see him go I watched him complete 20+ in a row last year and break the record. To say the least I was impressed.

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The league has great QB talent this year and Hamilton needs one. Sorry Danny time is up. too many interceptions, too slow and your arm is not as strong as it use to be.

Printers can pass with the best of them. Looking back I’d also have to say Dieter Brock was one of the best passers. He had an amazing arm.

As a pocket passer, Ray has the best delivery but I think Printers is the pretty smooth at delivering the ball on the run.