Smoking policy of Gate 1 only? Nonsense.

Hey Caretaker and company,

You guys have done a fantastic job with dealing with all of the adversity in getting the stadium done. Despite some challenges this year, I feel that the club has been really good to the fans on the whole. I personally have really liked almost everything that has happened in the new place. I have only said "that's dumb" to two whole things.

  1. Opening day - Footballs for everyone! This was not dumb in the sense of it being a foolishness or something terrible. It was only a bad idea in the sense of "how did the club think that 18,000 people in a new stadium would respond to our first TD?". Ah well, no harm done there. Not even a penalty that game. (Thank you to the fan base who listened to the announcer's warning about us getting penalized.)

  2. The smoking policy - While letting people out of the stadium has been a vast improvement over the old corral style fencing that IWS used to have, there is a dumb bit of policy surrounding smoking at THF. This reared its head in particularly ugly fashion during last week's rain. Plenty of people took shelter on the concourses, which only makes sense. But you could not MOVE to get to Gate 1! Not past about section 104. It literally took my friend and I about 15 minutes of the 18 minute halftime to find out that we could not be scanned out at Gate 4, then to try, and I do only say try to traipse out to Gate 1. We gave up with about 1 minute left on the halftime clock to turn around and head back to our seats.

The reason that I say that this is a dumb thing is because of the reason that the CAT team member gave us at Gate 4. "We aren't given hand scanners. You can only go in and out of this gate for admission. They have all the scanners to scan people out at Gate 1 only." Caretaker, really? You're a tech guy like me! These guys have hand scanners to get your fans in. Why on earth would you take them away for the game, and especially at the half when there's going to be a massive glut of people trying to get out to have a cigarette before the third starts?

It's an easy fix, guys. It's a policy thing. And I doubt that anyone's expecting security once they're off THF property for the few minutes that they're outside. Even if the club felt obliged, I'm sure that one or two (tops) more member(s) of your security force per gate would cover it.

Mr. Young, this is a simple problem with a simple fix. Please make it happen!

So why create this public thread? Call the Cats directly and complain.

Since the majority of people don't smoke, most won't really care if you can't stop for a few hours.

And yes, I am a reformed smoker who would regularly go hours without smoking.

Consider yourself lucky to be allowed to re enter after smoking.

Ralph Wilson stadium has a no smoking policy and no re entrance policy. If the fine ppl of buffalo can manage without smoking im sure you can manage walking through a crowd to get to smoke. Because most stadiums don't allow any smoking or re entry policy.

And agree with the above poster. E mail the cats. We can't really help you on this forum.

Isn't Ontario imposing a stricter smoking policy this year? no smoking in outdoor patios is the next step. I would assume that in the future if you want to smoke, you will have to leave the stadium completely.

If you REALLY cannot last three measly hours without your nicotine fix, then chew the gum, put on a patch, or suck on some dip. This is the second time you have brought this complaint forward since Saturday. The world does not revolve around you or your smoking habit.

Sorry Sig. I think that I disagree.

Look, I don’t smoke.
I hate smoking.
I honk at jerks who throw their butts out their car windows.
I think it’s a pretty disgusting habit.

However, I also don’t understand why we make smokers pariahs.
I don’t know why we treat them with seeming disrespect.

If there’s a simple fix that makes life okay for a dying breed… why not?

Although i also don't smoke, accomodating the paying customers as much as is reasonably possible is just good business. If it is possible to allow exit and re-entry at all gates, it should be done. It's far easier and less expensive to watch the games at home, sports franchises need to give the fans every reason to want to be at the game live.

But there is no smoking NBA and NHL arenas. No smoking at the Rogers Centre either. A lot of NFL and MLB stadiums have a no smoking policy with no re entry.

It's the norm, not the exception.

Here's a list of smoking policy in the NFL

[url=] ... adiums.pdf[/url]

I[b]n accordance with the Smoke-Free Arizona Act, University of Phoenix Stadium is a non-smoking facility.

M&T Bank Stadium is now a smoke-free facility as required by Maryland State Law. There are no designated smoking areas inside M&T Bank Stadium

Ralph Wilson Stadium is a smoke-free facility.

The Smoke-Free Illinois Act prohibits smoking in Soldier Field. In consideration of the comfort of all guests, we ask for your cooperation. There are no designated smoking areas inside the stadium and re-entry is prohibited

Paul Brown Stadium is a smoke-free facility


There are no designated smoking areas inside Lambeau Field, nor is exit and re-entry permitted for smoking.

Smoking is prohibited in Gillette Stadium.

Heinz Field is a smoke-free facility. In consideration of the comfort of all ticket holders, we ask your cooperation. There are NO designated smoking areas inside the stadium, and re-entry is prohibited.


You get the idea....

Mark, I was suggesting alternatives to smoking while still getting the nicotine fix. The member stated that it took him/her too long to get from his/her seat (IIRC the very top-right corner of the West side) to Gate 4, only to be informed that he/she had been incorrectly giuded there and that only Gate 1 was available for in-and-out privilages for smokers. I, too, get upset when given incorrect directions when there is a distinct time limit I must observe. That being said, if I was a hard-core smoker and could NOT spend the 3.5 hours without a smoke to go to a live football game to cheer on my favourite team in the most important game of the season, then I would either not go to the game or I would look for alternative methods for nicotine ingestion.

Yes Bob Young this needs fixed, Ban smoking from THF

You should never be allowed to smoke in a sports complex inside or out

Oh my,how times have changed,here are just a few interesting pics from a long time ago when it seemed like you could Smoke anywhere.

Could you imagine a player endorsement like this today ?

Coaches at one time regularly lit up on the sidelines

And players would light up in the locker room at halftime,or in baseball right in the dugout.

While this article is about smoking in Britain, it makes interesting observations about the history of smoking culture, in particular, the rise in popularity of cigarettes.

[url=] ... oking.aspx[/url]
The increase in smoking during and after the First World War

In the 1880s automated cigarette-making machines heralded a complete transformation of the tobacco market. Cigarettes, previously handmade and expensive, had accounted for a tiny fraction of sales. By drastically reducing production costs, these machines provided mass production for new mass markets. Year on year cigarette sales rose dramatically, so that by the end of the First World War (1914-18) - a war synonymous with images of smoking soldiers - cigarette sales exceeded those of pipe tobacco. Smoking, previously seen as something of a male preserve, now appealed to women too. By 1949 it is estimated that 81% of men and 39% of women smoked. No longer a luxury item, cigarettes were part of everyday life.

Okay, lets see!
We beat MTL by more than 8 points to win the East Division,
At home in our new Stadium making us undefeated at 6-0,
In front of a packed Stadium of 24,500 screaming TiCat Fans for the first time since the Stadium opened,
Giving us a bye into hosting the East Division Final,
All this and to top it all off at the same time we,

Although I don't smoke,I needed a smoke after that!

Got ya'.

I wonder how the smokers like them long plane rides. We did the Toronto to Sydney Australia a few years ago - 17 hours!!!

I don't smoke. I think smoking is a stupid, smelly habit, a waste of money, a serious health concern for those who smoke and those around them, and an unnecessary drain on the health care system. I don't mind at all if it's inconvenient, made more inconvenient, or banned altogether from public spaces. Those who find it important to smoke don't need to come to the games, someone else will buy the tickets.