Smoking at Molson Stadium?

It's not going to be permitted will it? I know people will do it anyways, but is it allowed?

Based on what I know about the new law I would have to say yes. It is open aired and that is allowed.

I dont know for sure though(hope so) :roll:

Check your season ticket package boys, smoking will only be allowed under the bleachers !

No more smoking at your seat !

I wouldn't smoke in the stadium, rather do it out in the parking lot or at a bar.

I not pro smoking laws, I hate them, but there are places to smoke and places not to, like Bars are, Restaurants, no.

and certainly not at a stadium, in your seat, etc.

I only smoke when I am on fire! :lol:

LOL good one! :lol:

I'm not a smoker, but I don't care if you smoke or not, as long as the person as the desency to ask me if I mind(or if its marijuana, then i DO mind). But it's okay if you can't smoke, it is the law. But people will still do it im sure.

But don't worry Als fans, you won't need to smoke! No stress this year, the Als will cruise through the season all the way to the Grey Cup :smiley: :o

You can't smoke in Quebec anymore in any public venue. So even if it was allowed by the Als, it'd be prohibitted by the law.

And I am really glad this law has been passed.

I dont care bout smoking, as long there's enough beers .....

I LOVE to smoke cigars but out of respect form everyone else at the games, I don't. Now I guess I don't have the choice :wink:

Hey, just be happy the ban on smoke doesn't affect the smoke meat yet.


It was about time Kanga. You could never go in a bar without having this airbourne pestilence everywhere...

Problem with the the law is that it goes way too far! Bar owners offered to have sectioned off ventilated smoking rooms but nope! Why cant I open a new bar that is for smokers? Why do non smokers have a right to stop smokers from having a smoking shelter outside? They have to reason to go 100 feet out of their way to a smoking shelter other than to complain.

i think it should'nt be allowed becuz alot of ppl inhale 2nd hand smoke

I thought htat was the case. Wow I really shoulda said something to those jerks sitting right behind me in that case

i can't have a smoke,but all you hypocrites can drive your cars and i breath the crap.