Smokey Robinson wow

I know I like some of his music and I know he is well respected by his pears. However, I just saw a young Smokey on Ed Sullivan and boy did he butcher "Yesterday". I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Is it just me?

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles "Yesterday" on The Ed Sullivan Show - Bing video

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When my father was alive, he would often make negative comments about this type of singing because he felt it was “showing off”. However, I felt that it was an interesting version of the original. I thank you for posting it and enjoyed it.

The Beatles' song? I heard Aretha doing a cover of "Let It Be". I love the Mik'Maw girl that did a cover of the Beatles' "Blackbird" in her native language. Even Sir Paul was impressed by her performance.

But Smokey is a great songwriter. he is a influential artist. Hell even 80's group ABC wrote a sang about Smokey Robinson called "When Smokey Sings" It's a catchy tune


I like it when artists do a different interpretation of a song. If they do it the same as the original what's the point? That being said, sometimes I enjoy some covers of songs and pass on others.


I dont mind different covers if well done, but in this case.....

What I really dont like is when singers try to make anthems "their own".

As for the point of doing it the same as the original. Its about the tune. Voice tone can be different while keeping the tune, or melody or whatever. I like both Whitneys and Rondstads version of I will always Love you, yet they both keep the tune pretty much the same as Parton.

That would be a critique of the composer of the cover and not Smokey then.

pretty sure Smokey decided how he wanted to sing it. However, I could be wrong. Actually, I have never heard of anyone re composing a song for another singer?

I can’t find anything about “Yesterday” but David Foster helped Whitney Houston arrange “I Will Always Love You”


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David Foster is a hit maker. He produced the soundtrack of Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke" album. and he also played keyboards on Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" on the massive "Thriller" album

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