"Smoke and mirrors": Ottawa REDBLACKS player rep Antoine Pruneau explains why CFL offer was bad


why would a football player step out and interpret the offer. And why do we trust that he knows what he is talking about.

He is the REDBLACKS player rep,
so he knows more than most


I know but that info should come from their President or CEO.

If you mean the Redblacks' president or CEO he is letting the commissioner do his talking for him. We are now hearing the players' side of the story from Pruneau. It is up to us to decide which is more credible. I'm now retired, but when I was still working, I would not have wanted to be trying to live on my 1996 paycheck in 2006. If you are not ready to hear a player's opinion of management's offer, then you had better not be too ready to accept management's side either. I do agree that the commissioner's "letter" was a shady tactic. he is not the first representative of ownership to attempt to crack the unity of a labor union, nor will he be the last.

PS Please pardon my "south of 49" spelling.

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No I mean the UNION president or union CEO.

Okay, I get it. The players' association may not insist that every member must defer to the leader all the time, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the team reps had come to the same conclusion before Pruneau said anything. If he spoke out of turn I'm sure his peers will deal with the matter, but what he said didn't sound like anything they would likely disapprove. One thing I've come to understand about unions is that they often don't impose gag rules on their members, especially when there is a consensus.

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