'Smoes @ Skeeterville

It's the battle of the 2 and 9's. Go Eskies?

Your thread or mine? LOL

I beat you by a whole minute, Russ!

Cool...I will tell folks to come over here.

Kickoff is imminent.

I fully expect much of the same as last week.... even the same result.. the Pig is hurting!

Anyone else having intermittent audio issues?

Definitely! TSN has had some technical problems including lost coverage a few times lately! :thdn:

Hi HTD and everyone else! The Hall monitor is here!

lol.. hiya Russ.. looks like Winnipig is blowing their load early :wink:

Well lookee here - Bombers are actually putting a drive together! Sitting almost on the goal line now! :o Kohlert the receiver of choice and they have a TD!! :o :o scored by Boltus! :o

I'm having audio issues on the HD Channel too. I actually thought I heard "Boltus with the TD"...


7-0 Peglegs

Eskies D looked rather tame on that BB drive! BBs D looks more lively!


Burke with a successful challenge puts the Eskies in 2nd and long and Bowman makes the catch - but not enough for the FD!

|Obvious holding on that screen pass that wasn't called...

wow. 14-0 skeeters

Forced fumble by Reilly and the BBs get the ball in excellent FP.

One play and TD to make it 14- zip Bummers. Gee they might even win this one! :o

Peg is taking advantage of Eskie miscues...I wonder why Reed didn't challenge the Reilly fumble call!

14-0 Skeeter Bait