Smoes look beatable

Its a madatory thread and frankly I'm surprised it hasn't arrived yet

BTW with our D line problems this game looks like a very high scoring affair. If Glenn can't get 300 yards passing and 35 points we'll likely lose. If he can the QB controversey gets legs for another week at least

Rays usually picks us apart underneath (Stamps) so I think coverage is more important than pass rush tomorrow. Starting Bradley should help out there. Special teams will be critical - have to stop Jackson's returns. It will be interesting to see how the TiCats come out of the bye-week; hopefully better than they went into it.

We never play well on that grass field. How many times do I see our RBs slipping on that grass, then there’s a rush to change shoes by that time its game over.

It’s been years since we won a game “out west” just can’t see winning in Edmonton right now. And before someone corrects me, no Vancouver isn’t “the west” , it’s the west coast.

More like the Left Coast.

If we play tough football right out of the gate. No big leads for the opposition, we can win this on the road!! The Defense needs to play hard. Get the ball to Bruce, and hopefully establish the run. :rockin: