Smoes @ Larks

Game on!!

AC goes over 70K passing... Congrats again AC!

Richardson snags the TD.. 7-0 Als

Hi HTD. Good pass from AC for a TD

Yikes.. back to back sacks by the Als... EE not looking so dominate anymore


Emery picks up the fumble.. Als ball!

TD Als..... a blow out forthcoming?


WOW Ray sacked AGAIN!!

Just hangin' with all my friends............

Yup...... :lol:

I won't apologize for being away...
I have prime rib burgers on the grill

lol… all good… Prime rib takes precedence!!

Bauman with a catch. First time i've heard that all year. Negated by a penalty though... lol

That should be overturned..... that is a pick!

I agree. Henry's hands were on the ball, but in no way had possession

WOW......Mtl got absolutely ripped off there

I'm stuck at work. No TV

Has Jason Armstead had any touches yet?

Haven't heard his name yet.... but I have not had full attention on the game

lol.. Ray is sacked again... is that 5 sacks already????

Interesting interpretation. Looks like a receiver does not even have to have possession of the ball, just have his hands on it until the ball is dead. This is a rule that should be looked at in the off-season. It gives the receiver far too much leeway and no recognition to the defender for a great play. I can understand a simultaneous catch going to the offence, but that call should have been overturned, as the DB had more control of the ball than the receiver.

Thanks...been talking with him Jason through the off-season...called me to tell me he was on his way to Winnipeg last Saturday night to hook up with Edmonton...thought he might play tonight.

I wish him well.

WOW!!! just checked out for you woody, and there's Department of justice, Department of Homeland Security, etc badges all over it...