Smoes @ Bummers

EDM strikes 1st Willis picks Willy and scampers 16 yards... then gets a taunting penalty :roll:

Flags a flyin

What a catch by Bowman... (Got him in the pool) :smiley:

The last time EDM played in WPG,
It was the infamous "Take a knee game"

Bummers looking good. .sustained drives, consistent offense... oh wait.. 6 2 and outs.... well consistent at

Bombers finally on the board with a FG with only about a minute remaining in the half.

LOL.. Willy, 3 of 12 for 54 yards so far in the HALF!!!


It gets better......
50 yards of that was in ONE play!!!!

:lol: :roll:

Lots of missed, dropped/passes on both teams in this one. Eskies D has scored more points than both offenses combined! :slight_smile:

3 of 12 for 4 yards with 1:00 to go in a HALF is not any way to win a game!

Free Willy!!

Reilly is gonna get himself creamed!!! :expressionless:

Both QBs dealing with a lot of D pressure but Reilly has managed to take off on the run a few times to pick up yards.
Reilly with 100 yds - 68 of them RUSHING! What happened to his "improved" O line? He's been sacked at least three times!

Ex-Ticat Bucknor is down

Sarah Orlesky, OH YEAH!!!!

Clearly EDM is the better tem

Maybe everyone will stop "gushing" over Willy after this performance :roll:

Probably not, they will just blame the EDM

New coaching staff aside, Edmonton I think was less of a re-build than Winnipeg. At least Reilly was already established as the starting QB and has that extra bit of experience and familiarity with his receivers. Notice that he tries to make things happen with his feet when he sees the sacks coming while Willy just hangs on to the ball.

No score in this half so far but Esks now having success running the ball with White and threatening to score.

Now that roughing the passer penalty on Reilly was a bit questionable although it was a low shot.

TD Esks - after about 35 yds in Bummer penalties :oops: First score of the second half too. 20-3 Green and gold guys.

FG Esks who now have a 20 pt lead with another Fg coming up. Did the Bummers stay in the locker room after the half???