"Smitty Blog" about the Florida tryout camp?

As a fan, I would really appreciate a “Smitty blog” detailing the recent open tryout camp in Gibsonton, Florida. It came and went, with no news on Ticats.ca about players who may have impressed enough to earn a contract offer from the Ticats. I’m curious. Was the camp a wash? (i.e. did NO ONE stand out?) Ticat fans like myself would like to know.

you cant names the players that you like or then maybe we should just scout for the other teams.

I find the "blog's" very boring and uninspiring - I don't miss them at all.

I could care less about what towns he visits, what restaurants he eats at and what colleagues he meets.

Just sign some quality players please.

they dont have to tell us the names. but it would be nice to know if there were any decent players they saw out there and that kinda stuff

Craig puts a human touch to his blogs and there is nothing wrong with that. I find the comments about colleagues, restaurants and his travels interesting and as a result his blogs are more enjoyable to read. Nothing wrong at all with his style. Keep up the great work Craig.

I dunno, lots of good stuff in those blogs, IMO. I find it eye-opening to read about how much respect the CFL garners in many corners of the USA, contrary to popular perception. The fact that former players/current NFL scouts like Larry Brune and Silas McKinnie still fondly recall their CFL years is cool. But how ‘bout that stuff where Smith's walking through the stands at the Division I-AA National Championship in Tennessee, and fans who see his Ticat jacket are yelling things like “start Richie Williams next year? and “We love Hamilton.?? That’s kinda inspiring, no?

I would like to read a new Smitty blog. Ticat fans indeed would like to know.

Given all the knowledge he posesses and all the tidbits of info. that come his way from both within and without the team and league what he doesn't say is as interesting as what he does post. You have to admire his restraint.

Very good point. Well said also.