Smith to winterpeg for Roberts?

Are we finally getting rid of Smith?

Looks like it...wahoo!

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wonder if he can gather as many cans in the new location? great move! I’d take logan any day he’s a real team player! never stops giving! small in size big in heart! reminds me of pinnball!

No more BC bud for Joe. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn't smoke weed. Personally I'm glad to see him leave. We need team unity, not some flake as Brooke Ward says.

Personally, Wpg want Smith to see what he can do in b&g. We have Fred Reid, which seems to me he'll get his shot. This trade needed to happen. Defenses across the CFL were shutting down our running game, while our OL was shutting us out completely. Smith is going to add something we've needed all year.

its offical we got roberts that makes us a huge threat in the bck field and the team needed a change this will shake up , and hopefully wake up the team that nobody is safe , i remember wally did this a couple of years ago and we won something like 8 in a row , well if that is the case we will be 12-6 probebly enough for second or first place.

Welcome to BC Charles. Cant wait until Sept.13th!!!

Think about it...the BC Lions got Charles freaking Roberts! WOW!!!

You'd be surprised how many athletes smoke pot, actually you'd probably be surprised how many people in general smoke pot!

I don't

OK.. say what you want but I think we need some major changes. Rob Murphy is not here this year, Angus Reid has had his day, we need a younger, hungry O-Line. The D-backs don't get away either... Banks gets burned, Ryan Philips, and Marsh have seen their day. In MLB.. well Javier is ok but we need someone with the drive of a Carl Kidd. At QB.. well only one choice there it has to be Buck!!!! Roberts... who knows.. Joe Smith... well I think the riens were not pulled in enough.(Wally get with it) Receivers.. we need more Jason Clermont attitude. We have all the requirements to be a good team.. they just need to drop the attitude and play good ball. Sorry Geroy but get with the game..

I'm sorry to see Joe go..., he kept a lot of drives going last year and was a big impact for our team. I don't know what happened this year but he seems to be the fall guy and people seem to want to trash him...., at least he never complained about the treatment and took it like a man. I think we get a good deal because C. Roberts has been a proven performer over several seasons and maybe a change of scenery will motivate him even more. The Winnipeg coach is quick to point fingers and I think that team is in disarray because of him.Thanks for the gift Winnipeg but I think you got rid of the wrong guy.

I am excited about the Lions getting Roberts. Hopefully he has an immediate impact, for his sake and the team's. If Roberts faulters, this might be his last chance. I think the change in scenery will do him good! I also hope B.C. still utilizes Logan. He is very exciting and comes up with some big plays.
As far as Smith goes, I lost respect for him when he did not show for Bobby's farewell. I'm from Alberta and I was even there, what's his excuse - not much of a team guy. I purchased an away B.C. Lions Jersey with my favourite number 33. Glad I put my last name on it and not his!

Buono's trades tend to be from a position of strength. Often Buono trades surplus players for players that he doesn't need. Whether the new player fails or succeeds, it may not matter much.

Hey, that's cool. We hope that you like Roberts as much as we did I'm sure. Just saying.

Good riddence to Smith.The fact Smith chose not to attend the tribute to Bob Ackles speaks volumes on the the lack of personal character he has.Whether he smokes bud is irrelevant.The guy is a selfish player who only cares about himself.Charles Roberts,on the other hand,is an enormous upgrade at RB,and is a complete team player from what I've heard from friends in Winnipeg.Welcome to BC Charles.

Charles Roberst is one of the most exciting players I’ve seen in the CFL in over 30 years and I sure hope he can continue this career in BC at the same level. As a Bomber fan he was a pleasure to watch - one of my all time favourites. Good luck to you in BC Charles and best wishes to the BC Lions.

Here's the main difference when speaking of the Joltin Joe bashers in BC. Once Joe gets his mojo going in the peg, it's a lot different football country, it could drastically change Smith as a player. As a player coming from a Buono-Lion environment, Smith will find it much easier a transition in Winnipeg I imagine.

Gotta say I think the bombers made a huge mistake letting Roberts go. I'm from Wpg, born and bred blue and gold fan! And I know fans here are upset that he's gone. He's going to fit in nicely on your team, even though he isn't having his best year he is still awesome. Congrats!!

I've seen lots of negativity about smith which worries me, hope he can fit in with the blue.

What would we do without Brendan Taman in Winnipeg....??? 1st Geroy Simon, now Charles Roberts.