Smith one of two tailbacks signed by Riders

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Wasn't Smith the dude who got lit up making a fair catch a few years back and the dude that chinned him got 4 games without pay?

Smith is an expereinced pro and Calgary was very high on him put there is only so much room on rosters sometimes and he was brought in to push larry Taylor and while on the roster backing up at RB. Cornish gets a bulk of the carries and Canadian Matt Walter has a great yard per carry avg in spot time spelling Cornish.
Movement on and Calgary will try Mallet out

With the Raiders recently signing Maurice Jones-Drew to a 3 year deal, I'm thinking things got a little tougher for Sheets to stick around down there.

It may be but even a release could mean picked up off the waiver wire by another team.
Having Sheets and Smith would be very workable 1-2 punch as smith can also return