Smith for Roberts?

TSN is reporting a trade. Joe Smith for Charles Roberts. If this is true what does this do to Bombers? Do to BC? Riders play Bombers this week. Lions the next week. I am surprised. Are you?

No difference betweeen the 2 players in regaurds to their play. A steel for BC as they have Winnipeg picking up a part of his salary.


This makes zero sense.

If the bombers are into dumping long-time players, maybe they could send Stegall our way. Not that he is particularly stellar anymore, but you know how our receiving corps takes up one wing of a Regina hospital and all ... :smiley:

Two teams trading their baggage :slight_smile:

Roberts hasn't played good this year and Joe has an awful attitude towards the game, a fresh start for both and I could see Roberts playing well as his attitude isn't as bad but Joe is not a team guy at all.

Joe's gonna be some upset when he finds out gardening season in Winnipeg only lasts from June 1-Sept. 1.

agreed, i belive roberts will help bc. but joe wont hurt the bombers.

advantage, riders! at least i think so until they learn the offences

Roberts was still on track to break a 1000 yards for the year. On the Bombers this year I would consider him a top performer. I think the trade is doubly odd because he only had 13 yards left to crack the 10000 yard barrier for his career - that would have been next week against us. The fans would have been rabid for that event - now they might be more subdued. Hopefully we can capitalize.