Smith done for the season

Now that Smith is done for the season, does it mean Abou-Mechrek gets re-signed?

Really? I thought Abou-Mechreck was still a Rider.

I wouldn't let him go. I would definately keep him. Especially since Simth is done-skee.

Besides, his number is the same as the percent that a CFL bulb uses vs. a traditional bulb.

He's got sponsers to worry about. Now who is going to make those commercials?

Seriously though, keep Abby.

Abou is not a Rider. Look for Best, Rempel, or an import to replace Smith. But not Abou (who isn't a tackle anyway....)

I had some thoughts about going with a 5 Canadian o-line this year....meaning Belton would be in a tough spot. Not anymore....

This is a tragic loss, he will be greatly missed on the O-Line. I wish him all the best on a speedy recovery.