Smith could get cut??

With Henri childs lighting it up at training camp, Onterrio smith will have it tough to make the bombers squad this year since he has injured his foot and not done that much in training camp. He will still probably make the team but you never know, especially with henri childs. I went to a bomber training camp and he looked really good, He is almost the size of a fullback, but has the feet and speed of a running back, good combo. :thup:

…Henri is a very versatile guy…can run… catch…throw…return kicks …what else can you ask of a ball player…Childs will probably stick…but i don’t see the Bombers giving up on Onterrio till he gets a good shot…maybe we can keep them both… :?

it would be good, but it would be hard to have that many american running backs with the ratio rule, i dont think the bombers would want to spend one of their imports towards a guy who may play a few times a game.

good, I hope he does get the boot.

if we do keep him, then another position could be affected like linebacker or wide reciever, with the ratio rule.

i think that with the expanded roster size...we may be able to keep 3 backs....ratio wise.. import vs. non-import i'm not sure....i think someone could probably be hidden on the injury reserve....just a guess :roll: