Smith & Caulley

Has anyone heard how bad? They statring in BC?

I think we will the new running back they have on the practice list. mr Cobb

I have a bad feeling that Cobb will need to be activated off the PR for BC. Might be his shot to break out in a real game.

Word is we’re testing some RB’s, one in particular De’Shawn Thomas. (From Drew Edward’s notebook in today’s sports page) Would like to see them pick up De’shawn Thomas and maybe A.J. Harris or Joe Smith and put one or both on practice. We’d be a little loaded at RB, but the way they’re dropping like flies right now, we don’t have much of a choice.

Cant even understand.

Sorry do you understand now :oops:

I like Caully and Smith. I am not convinced KK is the answer. I would like the Cats to bring in and test a true burner that can juke and jive who consistently deeks defenders out of their jock straps. Other teams seem to find them - we have not had a decent running back (unijured) since Jimmy Edwards.

um ... you ever heard of troy davis?
cobb will do just fine.

I'm not sold on Cobb yet. Better to bring in a couple backs that are familiar with the league.
Hopefully Caulley will be ready...but who knows. Didn't the Argos just release Tyler Ebell. :cowboy:

I'm thinking Cobb gets the start in BC and this Thomas guy is signed to back him up until Smith or Caulley get healthy. The Ticats already have a lot of cash tied up in KK, so I think signing Joe "flake" Smith is not going to happen.

I hope Cobb does the job but i think our main problem is still our receivers , they didnt get open last game and guys like Bauman have to learn to use their big bodies to out muscle and get position on Lbs , Corners and Dbs .

         All you have to do is look at receivers from the other games that have been played this week to see what we need from our recievers and that will in turn help  our QBs ,Rbs and our overall offence !!!