smillin hank

x rider rob lazeo claims burris is the best in the league. Maybe the riders will have something to say about that in a couple of weeks.
"Henry? Having him back there just fills the rest us us with confidence," said centre Rob Lazeo.

Then, with the simple, direct certainty of a man absolutely convinced of his facts: "Best quarterback in the league." :roll: ????

Cannot deny his stats..but then again stats are for......Oh Hello there BC!!!.

It could be Hanks year...remember when everyone said Kerry who? what have you won lately? then Austin showed up.

Hanks got Huffer now and he just might be the guy to put him over the top.

What do you expect a teammate to say? "He's a hack, and I think he's totally overrated performance-wise..." Not gonna happen. Lazeo is saying nothing any decent teammate would say.


I was really asking if people of saskatchewan felt that burris was finally achieving this level of performance or would he revert back to his old ways. I spoke with him at the grey cup in TO and he seemed liked a changed person from when he was with the riders.

Works for me - all last season anyone other then the riders where considered the best. The team seems to work better as a unit when there isn’t any one single standout.

I think Burris has the skill set to be the best quarterback in the league no doubt. However, he has been streaky in his career. Let see how he does when he gets under pressure. Who knows, maybe he really has matured.

It would be good for Calgary if he has.

He's always been pretty streaky, he was a lot better in that regard last year in which he was quite consistent during the regular season and put up great numbers.

His downfall has been his play in the playoffs, he's only had 1 good game and that was when he was still here and against BC in 2004.

If hank can keep his head in the game he is the best QB in the league, but he mentally breaks down and needs a coach to keep him up, all it can take is one bad game and the rest of his season is shot. Watched it happen the last 2 seasons.

This has absolutely nothing to do with this threat but I remember it every time I hear the name Rob Lazeo and it's kind of a funny story.

I was working at a restaurant in Regina when I was in university (while Lazeo was with the Riders) and he came in with a date. They ate,Drank and had a normal evening and when I brought him the check he looked at it , looked at me and said "Don't I get a CFL discount". as if I should Know who he is, or that such a thing even exists. I talked to the manager who almost starts laughing and says sure give him 10% off. I bring the revised check back to him and his date who is totally red and pretty embarassed by this time. I still only knew who he was by the name on his credit card..

again nothing to do with this threat but not to much chat on here that includes a high profiled played such as Mr.Lazeo!

I don't care how good or bad Henry does I'm just glad he's not playing here.

Let's wait to the end of the season. I would agree that he is one of the hottest QB's to start the season. If he plays at an elite level all year including in the playoffs, then he can lay claim to the title of "the best". But to be the best you need to be one of the most consistently top players week in and week out. He isn't there yet but with Hufnagel there it could easily happen. First excellent QB coach he has had.

Watching the first Calgary game of the season, I thought just maybe all the promise had come together. Then the second game...

As Mike said, he has the skills... I just think his brain gets in the way at times.

Burris is overly confident = bad decisions and flawed play…other then that,Burris is awesome