Smiling Hank Excited for Guelph

Burris is another big fan of the adventure to Guelph for 2013. I think he knows he will be throwing TD's no matter where he plays. Projections? He throws more TD's this year than last year?

In all honesty what is he suppose to say!

I do have a friend that is good friends with him and have heard he is incredibly excited about playing in an atmosphere full of die-hard fans looking to be apart of something special and unique, as is playing a CFL game in a university stadium.
Bruce, I'm sure you share in some of Hanks excitement for starting a new season and new adventure? Don't you go to all the games?

He said what probably not a lot of casual fans know. That import players are accustomed to playing in one place and training in another.
Its a response to all the whining "Cats hafta get used to new surroundings, travelling" etc. that has gone on since the Guelph announcement and surely lots more times as season approaches.

Hank provided usefull info in addition to positivity.

Has there been any work done on the Alumni Stadium expansion yet? We're less than 3 months from using it. I'm thinkin' something should have started by now.

Yes, A couple of weeks ago it started.

What have they done? I swung by last Saturday and didn't notice any signs of activity.

It's great to hear that some players are excited for the upcoming season and to be here.

Just an update on the less exciting stadium construction: nothing doing when I stopped by at Alumni Stadium this afternoon.