Smilin Hank

It was Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to wipe that toothy grin off his face.... :rockin:

I love it how Llyod, Bush, Johnson, Hunt, e.Davis & co turned his smile upside down :slight_smile:

ohh yea and the one i think he was miffed about the most... schultz whereing no.93 today ( and no name on the back of his jersey... ) maybe thats how he striped the ball away on that short yardage play :rockin:

Speaking of Lloyd is this guy a gamer or what??

He is a young fast fiesty in your face MLB.. :thup:

I dunno bout the whole 93 thing. Maybe he should keep wearing it! lol

Oh Henry there is no Gainer the Gopher Hole for You to crawl into..