Smilin' Hank Heads West: Burris joins Lions coaching staff

I always find it amazing how well the general population of fans are not gainfully employed as top shelf coaches...especially when one considers the expertise of this group. I have also noticed the level of competence is extremely higher with the quality of inebriation and through the roof it sports bars after consumption of several adult beverages. That must be why we see beer on tap and fullshot glasses for coaches on the sidelines

So Mr Holyer than thou is weighing in. If you had any credibility as a critical poster you would have ascertained from the prior 90% of my post that coaching on Zoom, well after the game and situations are over, is about as effective as having someone like me doing the coaching. Oh well, I guess for some, things have to be explained at a kindergarten level for comprehension to occur.

Finally someone who knows stuff

You would be surprised. I would bet most of their time will be spent on reviewing film and there is a ton of help there.

Decision making is the biggest thing he can help with. Most new quaterbacks could do with someone in their ear full time saying "If you don't like what you see don't try and be a hero, throw it out of bounds."

That's exactly my point. Zooming a few days after the fact is hardly "full time". It's casual part time at best. His girlfriend could probably tell him to throw it away an hour after the game. Full time would be the minute he walks off the field after a poor decision, they are on the ipad looking at the defensive schemes and explaining, in real time, what's going on and what to expect on the next series.

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Sorry, I have never been a Burris fan. I found him to be the biggest whiner on the field - he was always in the referees face trying to influence the call. The last thing I would call him is "Smilin Hank." I hope that he stays in western Canada - I don't want to see him come past Winnipeg!

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