Smilin' Hank Heads West: Burris joins Lions coaching staff

VANCOUVER — One of the CFL’s most talented and charismatic figures of the last two decades is returning north. BC Lions co-general manager/head coach Rick Campbell announced on Tuesday morning that Henry Burris is joining the club’s coaching staff as offensive consultant.

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I like it. Nice for the young QB's to have a guy like Burris around. He can probably still chuck 'em. :smiley:

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Another effect of the Doman era. Build a likeable and community friendly team.

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Casts more doubt about Jordan Maksymyk and whether he will get the support he needs to run his offense. Smiling Hank will be eyeing a coordinator position imo.

yeah that is probably true in the long run.

Seems Hank is a victim in the change of Chicago Bears management. I don't see why they didn't retain him. Obviously the bias against the CFL still lives on in the NFL

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Did he do a good job there in the role he was in? What were his duties there?

hard to say how much he was responsible for but the Bears were the 6th lowest scoring team last year.

It was an internship. His quality of work shouldn't be measured. Hank probably had make sure the minor football duties were fulfilled.

The Bears are cutting a lot of players from their roster by an inexperienced coach and GM.

Another reason for the CFL to put a team in Chicago

He interned in year one was hired as an quality control guy in year 2. The Bears just hired a new HC.

Hank deserves better than being a quality control guy. He is more than qualified to be QB coach, asst. offensive coordinator. And people wonder why Flores has sued the NFL

Henry was one of the all time best QBs in the CFL. An offensive "consultant" however is far from being named a coach. However it is not lost that this also a legal way of hiding salary cap money. I wish Henry Burris all the best.

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No. No. No. He's a terrible egomaniac and not the most loyal person. At least he's no longer on TSN.

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Ego is what had driven him as a player. Hank will make a great coach in the future

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Footballs biggest phoney returns, pucker up tsn panel.

Show me a professional athlete that isn't an egomaniac....especially a QB. (see also Aaron Rogers) As for loyalty, that follows where the paycheck comes from, like any football player.

Going to where they will have a couple young QB's obviously to help out there. If it works out BC could be better than a lot of us expect.

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I could never figure out why some people don't like Smilin' Hank. He always struck me as a happy guy, someone you'd like to have a beer(or two) with.

So, he's going to be working from home, in Chicago, after training camp. Somehow I don't see his impact being all that altering. that true? I never read that? You may want to double check on that.

As a Cat fan I'd like to pour a beer or two over his head . One of the biggest whiniest full of himself arseholes that ever played the game .

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