Nice run by smart on friday eh?

Beautiful...the funny thing is, I had a feeling he was going to bust one open and had just said so to my brother.

That started a chain reaction of us remembering/discussing great returners - Leon the Neon Bright, Darnell Clash, Rocky Long, Larry Key, Larry Crawford, etc., etc.

Was a fun night.

Darnell Clash, those were the good days. Sorry, I'm a 37 year old fart.

Sure were jman.

LOL...I was pregnant with my first child when Darnell was around (my favorite). So, for my baby shower my cousin brought me a Cabbage Patch Kid named Darnell! Was seriously considering naming my son Darnell...decided against it.

Leon Bright was probably our best ever. Unfortunately he was too good and left to play in the NFL for the remaining 5 years of his career.

Clash was the most exciting to watch. I can remember several times where he hurdled over the top of tacklers and kept going.

good ole kamikaze clash. aaaahhhhhh.......sigh......

I was thinking Darnell Clash too! :thup: :thup: