Smart to sit vs Sask

This is exactly what I didn't want to see when they brought Roberts in.

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Its that Import Ratio thing. Can't play everyone.

So I guess Logan or Roberts will be doing the kick/punt returns also?

I think Skillern is a pretty capable return guy as well... I guess I wont be having any Ian Smart 'over the head punt receiving catch near fumble heart attacks' Saturday!

Smart has contributed a lot as a Lions player but he fumbles way too much.I cringe whenever Smart fields a punt.You don’t know if he is going to break a big return,or fumble the ball.The Lions need more consistancy from this position.The Lions 30-25 loss to Montreal was inexcusable,but hey,thats sports.Lets hope the Lions can get some good returns,with no fumbles, against Sask. on Saturday.And win the game.

Roberts is acctually looking pretty good. He probally wasnt good on winnipeg becuase he was tired of losing?

So, now they have cut Hill, so now Smart, Roberts and Logan all get to play this week.

Nice Juggling!

I think they just want to get Roberts into the line-up as much as possible maybe to stir things up.