Smart to break return record

I was just on TSN's website, and they had a little box about how Ian Smart could break the return record.

Return specialist Ian Smart of the Lions is threatening to break the CFL record for kick return yardage this season. Follow his chase to make history.
* Kickoff Return Yards
  Eric Blount - 1,695
  Ian Smart - 1,528</blockquote>

He'd only have to average 42 yards per game for the rest of the season to break the record.

Im surprised "Gizmo" Williams isn't up there. I remember him more than Eric Blount.

Kickoff return yards basically means you're getting scored on a lot though, wasn't the Giz part of some pretty good Eskie teams in his day :wink:

Double post...can get rid of this one.

Gizmo's got the all time for kick returns (I think)....but this is for a season.

Gizmo's also got the punt returns covered....although Darnell Clash still rings in my memory as one of the "greats".

Anyhow....GO SMART!!! Hope he does it.

It's actually pretty impressive if I remember correctly as he was off the roster for a few games in favour of Logan.

He was off for one game, the first game after Roberts came to the Leos.

That or he gets lots of yards per return.

I think you're right, Dust, in that Gizmo would easily hold the record in kick return yards if his team had been scored on more often. His average return was certainly good enough. I don't remember Eric Blount being all that spectacular.

I actually went onto TSN and they have all the statistics for return yards. It really is just a matter of him having more returns than anyone else, he has a very good 25.8 average. He has 56 returns, his closest competition is Dorsey who has 50 returns with an average of 25.1. Stefan Logan his teammate actually has a better average, albeit in a much smaller sample size of 8 returns.

I do actually recall Blount having 1 good year, other than that I think he was average at returns.