SMART,Quebec CFL talk,, Ottawa and Quebec Two City EXPANISON

Read on Als site that larry smith was talking to agoup in Quebec that have the mony about 12 to 15 miullion to start a franchise properly. Come on Ottawa Sens owner step up at the plate, it would work better with two market wise.Its the way to go!
Talks about expanding Laval stadium to 25,000 plus>

            This would be great 10 teams and then in time 2 more Halifaxz, and London!

Larry Smith meet with a solid group with the resources, 12 t0 15 million to start and own a CFL expansion franchise in Quebec city where there is 750,000 people. Quebec CITY plans on renovating and expanding Laval stadium to 25,ooo plus, CFL size.

The the Group from Quecbec Larry Smith said to very
capable of supporting a CFL team in Quecbec City financial wise and are very interested.

Now Ottawa there is only one capable owner that can be sucessful and make it work and that is the owner of the Sens. Hes an Natural and could make it work I believe in a positve and exciting way and do well specally if Quebec city went in at the same time. CFL needs to have an even number of teams

         Hope this makes sense and I beleive it`s doable, it also would help the MTL and Tor.

markets in a big may.


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IF Quebec City gets a team, which they should because it would produce a great rivalry with MOntreal, then Ottawa should be put on mothballs forever.

Because there's better cities for football in Eastern Canada then Ottawa. Maybe in the 60's and 70's there wasn't.

But now we have cities that are big enough to support a team that are ten times the football town Ottawa is. They should get priority.

Ottawa had their chance and blew it. I say goodbye and good riddance.

why should u have to choose ottawa OR QC???....why not both, IF possible?

An on again - off again franchise in Ottawa probably does more harm than good.

The league should be looking at cities that can prove they are committed to making a team work, long-term. That usually means making a substantial community investment to help the franchise.

Has Ottawa done that?

There's no question that an on/off team would do more harm. That would be true everywhere. Even the NFL was starting to have image issue when a number of teams were moving in the 90's.

As far as the community investment goes though, I don't know how you can evaluate it. The current mayor has stated a number of times that he's open to having the CFL here, but there's no indication of what they were willing to offer Palmer or even whether or not they even HAD negotiations. It didn't seem to me as though they had.

Unless you meant something other than on a government level.

No one is returning football to Ottawa any time soon.

Or Quebec. Or Halifax. Or Moncton, Windsor and London. But it doesn't stop people from discussing it, apparently.

Edit: Or Milwaukee, come to think of it...

Usually community investment is in the form of facilities. Like Vancouver and Edmonton and Toronto and now Winnipeg (apparently) have done or are doing.

If the Ottawa mayor supports a new team there he should try and make it happen by giving a potential new team a home it can be proud of and one the fans will enjoy. If they announced a major new stadium I would hazard a guess that potential new owners would suddenly come out of the wood work.

i was under the impression that frank clair in ottawa just needed some upgrades.

stereo and some other stuff.

I agree, though I think the perception of Frank Clair Stadium as a dump has been overblown a little bit.

The locker room (at least the home team’s) was redone when the Renegades were born. I don’t have access to it now, but I could probably post a picture of it from around this time last year. It’s in fine condition (or at least was then).

I believe the turf was replaced after the Stones tore it up in 2005. I think it’s less than a year old.

Some things DEFINITELY have to be upgraded (the sound system is horrid), but most of the problems are really just a matter of…well…cleanliness.

I'll see if I can find an article about this from last year.

They've been upgrading that sncker for a hundred years.

Eventually you have to get rid of the shabby old chevy and buy new one because the cost of constantly upgrading isn't worth it and you start having trouble getting dates because no hot girl wants to sit in your flaky old boat with the torn seat covers and the rogue spring poking her in the butt while she catches her chemise on the broken door handle while you wrestle around in the back seat. :lol:

Well that's why I bought a new car anyway.


Of course I'm not opposed to the idea of a new stadium. I just don't see it as as much of a necessity that you do.

I think of it like Ivor Wynne. Bob Young cleaned her up real nice and people started enjoying going there again.

Meanwhile, while Ottawa dithers, lets take a look around at some other cities and see what they are up to.

We all know about Winnipeg. There's a city with some civic pride. Just 650K people (in a Province of just 1.1 million) yet they've apparently found a way to make a new stadium happen.

Then there's Edmonton. A city of around a million (in a Province of 3.1 million) — still smaller than Ottawa — who managed to build an (by most accounts) excellent stadium twenty years ago that even today is supposedly one of the best places to watch a game. It even has rapid transit to the ball park.

Not far from Ontario is Indianapolis. A city of just 800k, smack dab in the middle of State of six million (half the population of Ontario). They are building a new (NFL size) retractable roof sports facility to replace their twenty year old one (which will be torn down). Now that's a city with some pride and which recognizes the enormous value of it's facilities to the over all health its community.

Then we come to Ottawa. A city of 1.1 million (Ontario has 12 million). The capital of Canada. What has it got? A stadium that was originally built in 1908 that could seat around 30k people if it is ever refurbished (yet again). This is a city that complained bitterly when a mayor suggested the land could be put to better use. So the old stadium stayed. It now sits empty and barely used, fallen into disrepair. Searches for a snuck, er, owner for a CFL franchise have proved fruitless, which is not really surprising given that one look at this derelict old embarrassment would be enough to send any sensible zillionaire in search of a city with some self-respect, like Winnipeg or Edmonton or Indianapolis - cities though smaller than Ottawa realize that there is more to a stadium than freshly painted planks and new turf. A stadium is a place for an event. Where people can go and marvel and feel proud as a community. With which business will want to be associated. To which many events can be attracted which will generate revenue for the surrounding community and the city and province in general.

No, Ottawans don't see the value in a new stadium. They want their old Frank Clair. Too bad nobody else does.

Sorry CRFadmin, I did not mean it like that.
Of course CFL will return to Ottawa, I just said that it wont be soon.
As you already know I really want football to return in Ottawa. I just get frustrated as much as you do when politics get in the way.

rpaege Winnipeg has 710 000 people now.
Stats Canada is my source.

And Winnipeg does not have a new stadium yet. There is sure to be a war between Mr Asper and Gary Dont'er.

Thanks I stand corrected. I was going by the Wikipedia entry.

thats ok,lol