Smart move Riders: You are now Grey Cup bound crossing over in the playoffs through the East then onto the Grey Cup ---- Good strategy!!!

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Riders Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TURKEY!!! I love you MAN!!!!!!!!!

No, not in that way, you dirty buggers!!!!

Montreal in 2005!!!!!!!!!!!

What's Montreal's record agaist Ssk this season???


There is an old saying in football- it is very difficult to defeat a team three times in a season. History proves that in the CFL -- just ask Edmonton about the playoffs against Sask. last year. Mark my words-- teams that have beat a team twice - hate playing them a third time in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Le Riders sont la!!

Kanga-Roo-- who would you rather play in the 1st round , Montreal or (BC. / Edmonton)?????????? Riders got it made!!!!!!!!!!!

hhhmmmm, Edmonton, becase the Riders beat their butts in Edm last year and they can do it again this year.

It is tough to win in Edmonton (though the Riders did it last year in the playoffs) and tough to win at BC Place. In Montreal, the Als have proved they are beatable this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go East, Riders Go East

Since I want the Al's to win the GC this season, and I still believe they can do it, I can't pick them Turk.

Sask doesn't have a chance against the East. Crandell is an awful QB who can't win. Toronto and Montreal are better. Unfortunately, those are the facts.

the Als are done! The team is not responding to Mathews anymore and they lost their best receiver to Calgary and , no running game and , a defence that a girl's catholic powder puff football team could score 30 points on. Bring on the Als-- RIDERS GO TO MONTREAL (A COOL CITY) FOR THE PLAYOFFS- YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crandell is awesome, much better than Green, but your right that either Montreal or Toronto could defeat the Riders.

Sorry Turk, but...

Either way you guys have a good chance. KK dont private
email me nonsense like that again.

If you cheer for Winnipeg, you never cheer for riders. Its a given.

By the way, I'll go to that pos stadium if its an all west Grey cup.

I'll admit, the Als aren't the same team as in the past, but I'm not stupid enough to underestimate them.

You want facts. I'll give you facts. If the Riders don't have more than a 14 point advantage going into the final minute of play, we sit on pins and needles seeing what might transpire. Seven turnovers. If that were food, I'd be stuffed. That being said, I would agree Sask has a better chance in the East!

But you don't chree for the Stamps either, and I rather PM then talk that stuff on my topic.

Right on!

Crandell isn't awesome. It showed in the pre-game stats. Crandell had has a 5-2 record this season, but, he only had 8 TD's. that's only 1 TD pergame. And he lived up to those stats tonight. The Riders are Holmes and Keith. I've seen alot of Crandell when he was with the Stamps. The year he won the Grey Cup, it was Ben Sankey that got the Stamps to the Grey Cup. All Cradell did was complete a huge pass to Boerigter. It was a blocked punt that sealed the deal. Crandell is a poser. If the Riders win, it will have nothing to do with Markus.

Agreed. Marcus can manage a game, but it is tough for him to win a game. Tonight was not his fault though. Almost all turnovers really had nothing to do with him. The fact that Sask did not get a point in the second half I will put a lot of responsiblity on Marcus for that one. We need this next week off to regroup

Toronto is 1-1 against the riders and the als are 2-0. The riders will finish the season with a losing record on the road 4-5 at best 3-6 at the worst. Yes the als and argos are both beatable at home but you wouldnt be able to tell that if you only watched the riders games. THe only eastern team they beat while on the road was hamilton.

The als to a man know how pitiful they played this week and they all use the same word to describe it: embarrassing. When a team takes as bad a loss as the als did it forces everyone to take a good long look in the mirror and come out as hard as possible for each of the following games. There is no easy road to the grey cup even for the division champs. Both of the games the riders would have to play would be in domes which is not the kind of game the riders were built for

That's a good point about the domes. The noise Burris had to put up with tonight is going to be doubled in the "Big O". The Riders have a chance, but it is a very steep up hill road.