smallest crowed of the year

I would have to agree with you 100% , Dust . And that's all that matters, who cares about the Canucks .Why is anyone worried about about a boring hockey team?

I would rather watch paint dry than an NHL team playing the neutral zone trap and bore the other team to defeat.

At least we have an NHL team dust...

OHHH! You just got burned, Dust!!! :roll:

As a huge Lions fan, a huge Canucks fan, and a season ticket holder for the Calgary Stampeders.. I have to say, this thread is ridiculous. Comparing an NHL team to a CFL team is pointless. Who cares if the Canucks would sell more tickets than the Lions? Although I seriously doubt it. If the Canucks moved to a big stadium like that, it'd look pretty empty constantly.

Yes this thread is ridiculous , but then the guy who started it only makes stupid posts , so it's hardly a surprise .

Where have you been Dupsdell the past two years,calling the Canucks exciting????Don't tell me a 2-1 game was very exciting or seeing them play the Wild would keep you off your SEAT.
Hey the lions could win 4 straight cups and probably never have the same attendance back in the early 80's because of the novelty of a new stadium,which is now too big and outdated. If you take the roof off and move the team to a smaller stadium around 25-30 ,000 like Montreal has done, would that make you happy. Guess what!!! News flash for ya!!!! TORONTO AND EDMONTON FIRST HAD NEW STADIUMS THEY HAD LARGE ATTENDANCE AS WELL. When TORONTO had FLUTIE WINNING BACK TO BACK GREY CUPS, or the Rocket Ismail they were lucky enough to get 25,000 for a game,so figure that one out.And DON'T TELL US Edmonton and Toronto never had exciting teams back then either.
HOCKEY #1 IN THIS TOWN!!!!Really tell us something we don't know about.Isn't hockey the #1 sport across Canada period.

No dupsell is not me and I am not dupsell. Two different people. dupsell and I, though we may have the occasional disagreement about crowds, are on the same page when it comes to the need for the BC Lions to do better marketing and try to get bigger crowds.

I like atmosphere at the game. What's wrong with that?

120db…just get super wasted for each game…that tends to make you feel like there is great ‘atmosphere’ even when there isn’t. You could be the only guy there and it would still seem like the place is rockin’…literally.

Yeah but look what happend when fluite was here in 1991 we averaged 39,000 a game that year because we were exciting ans doug fluite was maketable, not Dave Dickenson.

All i am saying is that the cancuks are marketable the lions are not.

I'm a bigger canucks fan then i am a Lions fan. But not by a lot. My whole life i've been goin to Lions games first game was in 87, around the same time as my first canucks game, i was four.

In case people forget, i sure don't, when the canucks sucked with Mark Messier they could never ever sell out GM Place, and it was a new arena on top of that. There were a lot of games that couldn't reach 10,000 fans.

Dupsdell, i don't know where you get your whack ideas, so you're not as physically attracted to Dave Dickenson as you are to Doug Flutie, BC Lions attendance is not going down, if we were talking on this forum before the 2000 season i'd say hey, you're right, but this is 2007 and the lions are almost averaging 30,000. Toronto Argo's attendance is even up like crazy over last year, and Ricky Williams isn't even there.

Maybe if people weren't such marks and realized there's more to the game then just the offense and the quarterbacks that they'd be able to appreciate guys like Carl Kidd (no longer on the team of course) Ryan Phillips, and so on. There are plenty of guys on this team worth marketing.

How about Jason Clermont? Geroy Simon? Joe Smith? Those guys could be "marketable" as you say.

How about that thing we won last year oh yea whats it called....the Grey Cup, yea thats it.

Face it, your evil plan to rid the BC Lions from Vancouver and bring an NFL team here has been thwarted, you shall not pass!!! says Gandalf

If they were marketing this team properly they wou;ld get over 40,000 a game

thats because people are stupid and gullible(sp?) and easily influenced by retarded media idiots.