smallest crowed of the year

Heard today on nw from rick dollywall that the lions are expecting thier lowest crowed of the year would not say any numbers, but i would think anyware from 26,000 to 29,000

The lions better start promoting thier product better, have not heard anything about this game on Friday at all. But i guess when you have your two star quaterbacks out that does not help to sell tickets.

Saw an excellent program last night on espn classic on the building of the bc lions, showed everything from Empire Stadium being built to Bc Place,They said when bc place was built the bc lions had over 32,0000 season tickets sold two months before thier season started, thier first exebition game against calgary stampeders drew more than 53,000.They averaged that year 46,000 a game.

Just goes to show that the lions have come o long way in rebuilding thier team from the era of 96-2003 , but they still have got a lot of work to do to get back to those numbers when bc place was first built, i think they will never see that kind of consitant crowed again inless they move into a knew stadium.or win two to three more grey cups in a row were they could be right up there with the Canucks in popularity.

Then i think they would would be up in the 40 thousand mark consitantley.(sorry about the bad spelling)


Second LARGEST crowd of the year and that's on the start of Labour Day Weekend with a 3rd string QB as the starter.

Wewt. Great crowd considering it was a beautiful day. Think about all the things you can do in and around Vancouver on a day like that. Having a decent crowd show up like that is great!

Dupsell will never have anything good to say unless the dome sells out but even then I wonder if he would be happy with that.

Even though this wasn't the largest crowd of the season, I thought it was by far the loudest. Crowd was really getting into it on defence! says this was actually the second-highest attended game in BC this season at 32,115, dupsdell....behind only July 8th vs. Edmonton at 32,893....

What’s with this fixation on attendance dupsdell ? Are you really 120db in disguise? What about posting about the actual game of football for a change instead?

because it is a reality that hockey is the number 1 sport in this town, and i think that you guys will never come out and admit it that it is, it has nothing to do with attendace, i guarentee that if the canucks played at bc place, they would get 60,000 every night.were the lions can't even come close to that.

what I cant help but wonder is, even if you are right, so what?

The fact that we're average high 20's early 30's, is a good sign of return. How many season tix this year, 22,000? They use to have 35,000? That's really not that far off considering in 2000, for what was Lui's last home game was 27,000 i believe, and most of the year to get over 20,000 was good. The CFL has already been through its absolute worse after the whole American team thing and everything, its not goin in that direction again anytime soon. Just look at Toronto this year, i mean when did people start waking up to CFL for the first time since the Candy Gretzky era.

I must also say " so what " to the fact there are lots of hockey fans in Vancouver. This is a football forum , why worry about how popular the Canucks are ? The Lions are doing just fine at the gate these last few years , why not just enjoy watching them instead of worrying about why they aren't more popular than the Canucks ? Or endless threads on "WHAT'S THE ATTENDANCE FOR THE NEXT GAME?" :roll:

Dupsell... stop using the capacity of B.C. Place Stadium to gauge the interest in the Lions.

The stadium was built in the 1980s with the thought of bringing a Major League Baseball team to Vancouver. As popular as the Lions were in the 1980s ... they also benefited greatly from the new stadium being a novelty. Even then, the best regular season average was 45,000 per game in 1986.

In fact, in the 54-year history of the team, their current average is right near the top. Put the Lions attendance average in 6 of the other 8 CFL stadiums and they would be crammed to the rafters every game.

This is why I would love to see the Lions in a proper CFL size 35,000 seat stadium and everyone would be talking about how immensely popular they are rather than why are there 25,000 empty seats every game.

Dupsdell are you 120db?

no i am not, you guy's do not get it out there when the lions were suffering st the gate when Damon Allen was here,that is because this team was not exciting, even after they won the Grey Cup,thry was no excitment what so ever,the Bob Ackles has come in and changed this time around is great it is that, i still feel that there is still no wxcitment about this team, not like the canucks.

Excitement about the team or exciting team? I would argue the Lions are a more exciting team than the Canucks, and more successful to boot.

Wouldn't comparing BC support to Edmonton's be somewhat more accurate than comparing the support the Canucks receive?
Similar sized stadiums....although Vancouver is twice as big.

Whoever said the Canucks would get 60,000 people out every game if they played at BC Place has to be smoking something. Maybe if seats in the upper deck were like five bucks and that included a free beer. I don't even think the Maple Leafs could fill the Skydome every game, at least not while charging a decent amount for tickets.

I bet you they would get 60,000 just because of the demand for people to see them.i bet they would have a season ticket base of 40,000

you are quackers if you think people want to sit that far away from a hockey game. Dont forget how much smaller the rink is and how much farther even the nearest seats be, not to mention all the upper seats and higher seats.

I wouldn't pay what the Canucks charge now for GM Place let alone high seats at BC Place.

Now if you are talking the Vancouver Giants, or Kamloops Blazers of the WHL, I might listen.....

I just wanted to add...

Too funny!