Small Town Grey Cups

Well, more Winnipegers should buy trickets then to sell out the 45,000 seat stadium, or the folks that can drive to the city from the province.

Winnipeg can still sell out 45,000.

The week of festivities and the parade are important, but even more important is selling tickets and getting people to the game.

You would make more money if you held the event in one of the competing cities.

You could charge double for tickets and you would still sell out.

I don't know about that, depends on the demand for them mate, and is the price will remain inelastic.

I would like make more sense as far as profits go to have the Grey Cup in one of the cities that in it, but that wouldn't work well for the league as a whole becase say a team ramanins on top for a few years, and thus hots the GC during that team, while a city that is suggering fincaially or has a prject to modefie their stadium needs the GC profits more that the champ team does. With the way the playoffs are set up, it makes it so that both the champ and the city in jeparity benefit, with the champ hosting the East or West Final, and the City getting the Cup and much needed profits.


Really well seems to me that tickets have sold at almost every Grey Cup I have seen.

Once again I ask, have you ever been to Grey Cup? ITS an event. You still have not explained how you would organize the hotels, etc! DUMB DUMB DUMB!

Make more money? I doubt it with all the extra cost related to last minute set up etc. Please explain how you would organize something as large as this on the cheap. DO you have any idea how many volunteers are involved in one of these events???

Have you ever organized a large event? DUMB DUMB DUMB

What's more important?

The game or all the hoopla?

If Winnipeg makes it to the Grey Cup will there be 5 000 unsold tickets?

Have you ever organised a Grey Cup?

How much money are they spending on the parade and why?

How much money are they spending on Grey Cup week and why?

Are these things really that important?

Hotel accomodations are not an issue if you are selling the tickets to the local crowd.

Would there have been 10-15 Thousand empty seats in Hamilton at the 1996 Grey Cup if the Tiger-Cats had been playing?

What is the point of spending all that money to setup extra seating if no one is going to be sitting in those seats?

Imagine if the Grey Cup had been played in Hamilton in 1999.

It would have been so over the top.


There would have been no shortage of volunteers from that city if their team is in the Cup.

I am sure that any CFL city would embrace the Grey Cup 100% if their team is playing.

And then, you don't have to organise parties, etc., because all the businesses will do it on their own.

You're not thinking this through.

I guess making money isn’t important. As for Hamilton not selling out the '96 Grey Cup, it was their loss as the game turned out to be a classic. At that time the situation in Hamilton was so bad they might not have even sold out the game under any circumstances. Most recent Grey Cups have been successful at the gate. Finally, it will still be impossible for businesses to organize what fans now expect out of Grey Cup regardless of how many volunteers they can get in such a short time.

Where is the money to be made at the Grey Cup.

I assume the gate, TV contract and merchandising.

The gate should be a sure thing if one of the teams is the home team.

Tickets will sell at a high price

Merchandising, same thing.

What fan wouldn't want a shirt, or hat displaying their team and the Grey Cup.

With today's technology, 2 weeks is all that is required to make this happen.

TV revenue should be increased because of the buzz created by the home crowd.

The big loud crowd makes for a better TV show and this should allow the broadcasters to charge more for commercials, and this would allow the league to charge more for the broadcasting rights.

You do realize that they hold back a certain amount of tickets for fans from the teams that will actually be in the game, which obviously wont be determined until after the finals are over.

Holding back tickets would no longer be necessary.

Well to make it interesting just maybe the team that wins the grey cup should hold the grey cup the following year. The only problem with that is the Riders would never get a grey cup game in their city! Kidding! No it would be bad for the teams that need to make a quick buck for the bottom line. I think they should alter them so each team will have a grey cup game in a decade. Weather should have nothing to do with it! Although after the game this year in the winterpeg we might want to have it in a dome stadium.

Last year on GreyCup Sunday in the Peg, plus 19 was the high in the Afternoon...makes for a warm night. A mild Winter is the prediction for this year as of bring the Big Game to Gods country (Manitoba) a province that bleeds CFL n good old fasion Football...Go Bombers..

THIS IS THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER so if u have 2 good teams that domanaite for the next five yrs like maybe montreal and BC only they should have a grey cup game GET REAL, They game gets moved around not only because IT SHOULD and all football fans should be able to enjoy it. BUT also the place that doest host it gets to reap the benifest of the Game that could mean millions of dollars in renevue, if that team goes red or black for that yr. So what u who be saying is that BC and montreal would be the only ones who would benift from YOUR PLAN

the GREY CUP needs to move to help with the fans and help the TEAMS

1st of all, what about the parties. Its not just about the locals, it is the fans from across the country and from outside the country. Think about the lost opportunity of foreign beer drinkers, geez :roll:

Plane tickets(book early for seat sales), accomodations, rentals all would be an issue. This is the big event of the year. The week build up of parties that every club does, plus all the travellers would have difficulty getting there on time other than for the game.
Just do a five year rotation. No team can host twice in a five year period, and if a team isn't interested in hosting then they don't have to.

Let's just be glad it isn't the fans on internet message boards who make the rules :thup:

Holy Crap give me a break you must be from Vancouver.

Teams who host the Grey Cup also tend to see a rise in season-ticket sales the the season or two leading up to the Grey Cup, which also adds to the bottom line of a franchise. I remember the first time the Grey Cup was held in Regina, you had to buy season's tickets for the 2 years prior to guarantee your seat for the Grey Cup. It really helped sell tickets.

Perhaps you should consider what cities are and are not being allowed to host the grey cup.

Do you think that allowing Hamilton to host the Grey Cup all of 2 times since the end of the Second World War is of benefit to the Tiger-Cats as a business?

Do you think this helps sell tickets to Tiger-Cat games?

Why not reward excellence with the honour of hosting the Grey Cup?

And, it would not be BC and Montreal hosting the games every year.

Let’s go back to 1996 and start from there.

1996 - Snowbowl in Hamilton

1997 - West - Saskatchewan

1998 - East - Hamilton

1999 - West - Calgary

2000 - East - Montreal

2001 - West - Calgary

2002 - East - Montreal

2003 - West - Edmonton

2004 - East - Toronto

2005 - West - Edmonton

Or switch the East/West Alternation.

1997 - East - Toronto

1998 - West - Calgary

1999 - East - Hamilton

2000 - West - B.C.

2001 - East - Winnipeg

2002 - West - Edmonton

2003 - East - Montreal

2004 - West - B.C.

2005 - East - Montreal