Small Town Grey Cups

According to reports out of Winnipeg, their are about 7,000 tickets still available for the Grey Cup, yet pretty much all of the hotel rooms in Winnipeg are taken. The expanded Canad Inns Stadium will only seat about 45,000 (about 5,000 short of the usual). What would have happened if there were 50,000 seats? Has the Grey Cup just gotten too big for the smaller markets? Should they only look to cities with the infrastructure to support so many visitors?

No, keep moving it around as much as possible, this is what should happen with our national championship. The RCGA found out in golf with the Canadian Open, best to move it around. Sure, some years there will be problems with enough hotel rooms but that is fine, I imagine that some of the tickets sold now are to travel companies that have packages that include hotel rooms. And maybe the minimum should be 40,000 instead of 45,000 if it makes more sense in some cities.

Put the Grey Cup in Regina permanently!!!!!!!
Riders Rule!

The Grey Cup should be played in one of the cities competing for the cup.

Continue to alternate each year between east and west.

Maybe the cup should only be played in "smaller markets".

Now that I agree with r4758 but I've heard the logistics of organizing things would be a nightmare and the CFL is already guarranteed by the host city a certain number of dollars so they, the CFL, may not even care if the game is sold out or not, someone will pay up to them regardless.

Championship games are awarded well before the season begins, so it is impossible to tell which teams will be competitive. Instead, the hosting team would know that they need to build for that season. (much like the memorial cup)
I am pretty sure that the Bombers had more $$ to spend this year because of hosting. Which was very lucky, because with all the extra help we’ve needed to bring in we needed it!

I believe that with only 8 or 9(when Ottawa is in the league, every city should host at least once over the 8 or 9 yr peroid. As for not enough rooms, lots of people are more than willing to be billets for visitors coming to town. It what makes the GC special, as people from across this country get together to party, no matter what part of this great land you are from, English or French. It is why this game is important to the unity of this country.

It shouldn't be a nightmare to organise.

At the beginning of the season, you know that the game will be played in 1 of 4 cities.

By playoff time you have it narrowed down to 3, and then 2 cities.

Start the season a week earlier, or lose a bye week, and have a 1 week break between the Division Finals and the Grey Cup.

That extra week is used to give the host city extra time to organise.

The game will be an automatic sell-out regardless.

Are you suggesting organising a championship game in a couple of weeks??

That my friend could and would never happen, especially in today's paranoid world.

One thing about guaranteeing the host city's team in the Cup, there would be so much excitement, it would be fantastic each year.

What's there to organise beyond the typical game.

There's the parade route, which would be difficult under short notice, but not impossible.

You would have to have a potential parade route organised in 4 cities.

And, there's the half-time show, which shouldn't be a problem at all.

The halftime show is practiced on a stage that is setup at whatever stadium is hosting.

LOL...there is a helluva lot more than that to plan.

Most importantly, security. Like I said, today we have to worry about alot more than even 10 years ago. Proper security would take alot to plan.

When did the Grey Cup tickets go on sale? When did hotels start getting booked? A long time ago. If fans had to wait until the last few weeks to know what city they were going to, booking flights, hotels etc would be impossible.

Security would be the responsibility of the host stadium, just like any other game.

Also, tickets would be purchased mostly by the local crowd, so hotel and flight arrangements would not be an issue.

I mean PROPER security...think 9/11....

Tens of thousands of fans come from all over to watch the Grey Cup, many every single year. Booking hotels and flights would be a major problem.

There is alot more to organize than that. Grey Cup week is like a festival with many events going on at many locations which draw in thousands of visitors every year, some of whom never make it to the game. Whether this is good or bad doesn’t matter as it brings in the host city, the host team and the CFL money. If something works well, there is no need to change it. Continue to spread the game throughout the 8 (hopefully soon 10) cities.

claps that was very well put sambo!! and I concure 8)

You are nuts!

There is no way you could organize this is a few weeks. Lets look at this rationally. How do you add 15,000 seats to a stadium on a few days notice? How do you get the floats for the parade organized? Do you book rooms in every city a year in advance?

Grey Cup is a week long event that includes hospitality rooms from every team in the league! I guess every team will book flights for their cheerleaders to every city.

How many Grey Cups have you been to? They are not one day events!

THis is without the doubt the dumbest idea I have ever seen on this site!


Just look at the parade. Do you have any idea what is involved in building floats! Or moving them across the country on short notice. WHat if there is alread a big convention booked into the city?

Yeah lets go to the hotels in 4 cities an tell them we are booking all their rooms for a week, but we might cancel with a few week notice. DUMB DUMB DUMB



The CFL used to do that. Going to all the teams reinvigorated the Grey Cup! Were there issues with the Grey Cup in Regina, yup BUT IT WAS A SUCCESS!

I did not make it to the last Grey Cup in BC, but I lived there during a past Grey Cup and I tell you the experience in Regina was far better than being in the “Big City”!