Small Stadiums in Canada

Stadiums with running tracks are bad for all other sports except track and field. Watching soccer, football and rugby in a stadium with a running track is almost unwatchable on TV. It is totally unwatchable in person.

Can’t all the codes of football get together get stadiums built without a track? Such as Canadian Football League, U-Sports, Canadian Junior Football League, Canadian Premier Soccer League, Major League Rugby? Or any sport that has a similar playing area.

Not unless they want to pay for them themselves.

I know this is the problem in Moncton. I assume, if they wanted to, they could excavate and lower the field then add seating to either side or have a kind of lounge area where people can walk around or like at the race track, but I don’t know.

CPL except for I think York 9 have no track around their venues and I believe York are looking for their own stadium .

It all comes down to funding. Getting public dollars for stadium that are used for pro teams will need to be multi purpose and in many cases be tied to a multi sport event like the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games etc…

In that case, places like Edmonton will have running track. Moncton got the funding for their stadium by hosting the 2010 junior track and field championship hence why there is a track in place.

BMO field got public dollars because Canada hosted the 2007 U20 World Cup hence there’s no running track there. Tim Horton’s Field was used for Soccer in the 2015 Pan Am Games hence it got funding and no running track there either.

In Canada we put education and culture before sports. It’s not the US where sports rule all.

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Just saying if 4 to 6 teams areasking for public funding for one shared stadium, might be moresuccesfulthan just if one team asking for a little help for one stadium.

Most Junior football stadiums has an athletic track. People might just go to games if the seating is closer to the action.

While I agree that not having a track is preferrable for viewing, it’s not such an impediment to most fans. For most of the past 20+ years, the Eskimos have led the league in attendance and their stadium has a track.

For amateur sports funded by the taxpayers, it just doesn’t make fiscal sense to build separate stadiums for track events and for football/rugby/soccer.

…and if you build it correctly from scratch you can make the first fifteen to twenty rows retractable so when you have just a field event you can pull the seating up close to the sideline…

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What a ridiculous argument. If a track stops someone from attending a football game, then they never really wanted to go in the first place.

The league needs to take action to attract fans who never really wanted to go in the first place. Improving sightlines seems like a fairly logical way to attract more fans

Obviously, though, there are millions of fans in Canada who don’t find the presence of tracks to make the game unwatchable. However, I don’t think there are many who wouldn’t prefer to have no track between their seats and the field.

Only two CFL teams have a track at their home field. Edmonton and Montreal. Edmonton has the best attendance in the league by a lot, and Montreal’s attendance increased greatly when they moved from the Big O (no track) to Molson stadium with a track. And yes… the O used to have a track, and the space on the sidelines is bigger than Commonwealth. So Montreal went from a track surrounded stadium in a sense to another. These arguments you guys are making don’t hold any weight at all.

You mean the argument where I state that millions of Canadian fans don’t mind the tracks?

I agree. The CFL must absolutely, positively try to reach the only casually interested. And stadiums without tracks surrounding the field offer the best sightlines. Therefore while the presence of a track doesn’t deter the hardcore fan from coming to games, the presence of a track may indeed deter the casual fan from coming back for another game.

But if you’re going at-in-hand to get public funding, well let’s just say that he who pays the piper calls the tune…


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The diehard fans will go to games with stadiums with tracks and poor sight lines. There just isn’t enough of them. U sports, Junior football, rugby union, rugby league, Canadian Premier League, and to a lesser extent the Canadian Football League needs more fans in the worst way. It’s all about getting new fans and turning fair weather fans in to diehard fans.

And yet a stadium with a track has led the league in attendance more often than not over the past two decades.

You are missing the point. They are diehard fans. Most U sports stadiums and most Junior football stadium have a track. Only friends and family will go to a U sports or a Junior football game or a rugby union or rugby league game. If the Eskimos had a stadium without a track the attendance would be 60,000 or more per game.

I agree that stadia without tracks are preferable for viewing and likely make some difference in attendance, but I think you’re overestimating the effect the tracks have.

Why, for example, do significantly more fans attend games at Commonwealth, which has a track, than at McMahon, which does not?

Only friends and family go to USports games, even when the game is held in a stadium without a track, like McMahon for example.

Why do you think removing the track would about double the attendance in Edmonton?

I never said remove track from any stadium. If Edmonton had a stadium without a track, the fans would be closer to the field. I went to a CFL game in Edmonton, VS The Montreal Concord in the early eighty’s. I had good seats and I was still to far away. Also I watched a game in Calgary in the early eighty’s. The stadium was a dump and it’s likely worse now.

There’s no track at the SkyDome, but I had good seats and still felt too far from the field, we’ve been spoiled by Ivor Wynne and Tim Horton’s field. The CFL should stick to stadiums 30,000 or fewer.

The seats at Skydome are at a much lower angle than they are at Tim Hortons Field. The pitch of the stands there are designed for baseball

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