Small bug in the huddle

Hi there,

I'd like to report a bug in the huddle. The icons supposed to turn orange when a thread features new posts aren't working right. Often, when I read a post, I come back later in the day and see the orange (or red) icon indicating there is a new post. But when I go see the thread, the last post is still the one I read earlier.

Beside, I haven't been able to come in here yesterday. And as I just logged in, all the icons are blue, indicating there's nothing new for me to read. But the dates of the last posts clearly indicate there was some action in here yesterday and today.

These icons are a great addition to the huddle, especially since it is still pretty long to load a page. When they work correctly, it keeps you from losing time to open twice a thread in which nothing has changed.

I just wanted to let you guys know they aren't completely reliable.

Kepp up the good work improving the site.

i think thats just for a new veiwing

Thats okay, when I came on today, I tried to sign on....except, I was alrerady signed on. Considering I always turn off my computer, I'm really, really scratching my head on that one.

it never signs out....ive never had to sign back in.

I'VE HAD TO RE-SIGN a couple of times....very inconsistent , other times I just walk right on and then find a 'THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED' what gives? . I was also scratching my head on that one and ended up with a sliver (sorry Sportsmen) Something needs to be tweaked or re-vamped here ,methinks :!:

i just got the page could not be displayed, after i logged in. so instead of logging in again i just clicked on the forumn link, and hey I was logged in. (And this is a different pc then i usually use so the rememebr me wasn't part of it). This was on IE, has never happened for me on mozilla or netscape

I had to try logging in 3 times today to get in and still can't vote in the Poll "Who will finish first in the East" First it says I'm not authorised to participate and then the page can't be displayed? After this amount of time it's getting to be a bit rediculous. As for the speed of the comment.

I've never been able to vote on this site, I've had to re log in at least four times and once it wouldn't let me then when I pressed log out I was logged in weird :?

and when I check out View more Emoticons it says the page cannot be displayed :?: