Slur - Ivor Wynne [New Ticats Music] (Artwork ... couldn't figure out how to post a picture lol, help ?? lol) (Song)

Check it out I made this track earlier today before the dissapointing loss but none the less hopefully it can still be enjoyed I had a lot of fun making it

check out my other tunes at

have a good one


fantastic track Mat/Slur.
Catchy tune and great lyrics that caught my attention deficit audible immediately.

have you submitted this to the TiCats brand/marketing department?
if not, you should as you may be able to develop a partnership/co-promo with the team.

again, great track and good luck. :thup:

Thanks tangledweb appreciate the feedback. I would love for the team to hear it do you have any suggestions on how I could go about submitting the song to them ?

thanks again !

Try perusing through the TiCats "Business Office" page below and contact a few associates/directors involved in Marketing/Branding.

and possibly contact the Head cheerleading coach/choreographer as well..

good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the help !

Have to bump this after the big win yesterday, turn around starts now ! :rockin:

Love it!I definitely wanna hear this at IWS.It would be a crime not to play it

This song is ablolutley fantasic.I love it,,,great job.. :rockin:

Super job Mat! :thup: Will check out your other material.