Slow Web Server

If Sun is going to put their name on the site, they may want to donate some hardware. An entry level v100 would be plenty of power.

Frankly, if I was Sun, I would be embarassed to have my logo on this site, especially with slogans like 'Making the Net Work'. One of Solaris 10's claims to fame is improved TCP/IP stack.

I have served up web pages faster on an old Pentium 133 with 64MB of RAM, over a residential DSL, and the pages were pretty darn fast to load. That setup cost me about $84.31, so if Sun doesn't want to donate hardware, I am sure the league can pony up a $100.

Yeah the server page load time is certainly extremely slow, molass comes to mind, also the front page does not show the articles and pictures from the left panel in Firefox giving a nice blank section. Time to tune up some of the things.

The speed issue is not a problem with the SUN server. The site is running on a V210 and the latest version of Solaris.

We're working on speed issue as fast as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience

This site is slower than a Khari Jones sideline pass ...

This should be considered an embarasment for anyone involved with this site. phpbb and postnuke are very proven pieces of software .. I find it hard to believe someone is getting paid for this. If I haden't been so driven by my intense level of disgust, I wouldn't have even bothered signing up.

Bring back the old site untill you get your issues worked out ... Providing an outdated website is better than dealing with 5 minute load times.


i haven't even checked out hardly anything on this site cause the downtime is so long

Please be patient, we're working on it.

Please be patient, we're working on it.
shouldn't that be done BEFORE it is unveiled to the public? This makes the CFL look very foolish. One would expect that when they unveil a NEW website that the information would at least be up to date. How hard can it be to update the rulebook??

I'll be back in a few days to tell the Eskimos how much they are going to suck this year, perhaps that will allow you guys to change to fibroptic lines from the telegraph lines that are currently feeding the site. Work hard boys, rabid fans are counting on you!

This is brutal!!!!!!!!!
You would figure that they would test before putting in into place.
This doesn't make the cfl look bad but it sure make the site look bad

Good thing there are alternative sites to get CFL info.

Alright - speed should be somewhat better. The forums will still be a little slow though, sorry. It has to do with caching and the forums can't be easily cached (you wouldn't see your post for some time after submitting - like an hour).

For those that care for explanations (rather than the ones that feel free to throw out negativity about things they know nothing about):

  1. The site was developed on a Linux server while the Sun server wasn't fully available to us until just this week.
  2. We're now using a PHP accelerator to help pre-compile pages and other caching options in order to take processing load of the CPU.
  3. I'm now going to look at features that are broken (by the caching above) in order to rectify those problems.
  4. I don't do content... I'm a techie. I'll pass your concerns along when I have things working better on the site. :slight_smile:


One note in terms of the rulebook - the current roster limit is 39. For clarification, it is only pushed to 40 when a 3rd quarterback is added. That is the only allowance.

Just an FYI :wink:

This site looks nice but the forums are embarrassingly slow. I can't see myself posting regularly here until the speed increases.

They seem pretty snappy right now to me… shrug

This site is easily one of the slowest I've visited recently. I don't want to come off like a jerk but speed needs to increase in a big way. I do appreciate the time and energy put into the site redesign, though.

At this point I can only propose one of two solutions - get a faster system (or more of them and load balanced) or pull the plug on the forums.

Hey Ron - instead of making accusations that the users here "know nothing" about these kinds of things .. Maybe you need to be reminded that not everyone needs to be a system/network admin to identify how horribly slow things are responding. Regardless of your excuse and/or reasoning ... I can't think of a single valid reason to push a site that is behaving incorrectly into production early. This looks bad upon your company. It looks badly upon you. And worst of all - it looks badly upon your customer (

If I was paying for this ... i'd be pissed.

(and in case you were looking for another "know nothing" excuse ... i assure you, i'm well versed in hosting large traffic dynamic sites on multiple archs for the last 8 years .. Not one place i've ever worked would have allowed a site performing like this to go public)


Defintie improvement in the last few hours.

patience people. The site has alot going for it (other than the SPEED) .The new format on posting is a little more complicated and with it being so slow ,gets a little frustrating. I'm sure the technical end of things will be ironed out shortly, or people will muddle off to another huddle. What's the ol' saying Rome wasn't built in a...........

eh, its slow, but it is faster today than it was last night. hopefully it gets better