Slow, unprepared starts

Anyone else tired of the Slow, unprepared look of our team the last 6 or 7 seasons?

That’s been going on forever. Taffe, Bellefeille, Cortez, Austin, Jones and whoever’s next. Only common denominator here is Bob Young. It’s all his fault. ;D

I think with Austin he knew the east was terrible and chose to ride things out early in the year. (Kinda like the Cleveland Cavaliers). He knew that 9-10 wins would win the division and best to get a few weeks of preseason to evaluate other players.
Generally it worked in the years when we had the talent to compete.
But yes, its annoying because we have to deal with the West-heads talk about how terrible the east is every year only to lose the Grey Cup.

Not just slow out of the gate on the season, but slow out of the gate for each game! I’d like to see us run up a couple of TDs in the first quarter, and let the other guys catch up. Better than being behind every darn game, and needing the big second half or fourth quarter finish.

If we can start the season 3 and 2

I will be doing this! 8)

me too!!! lol

If that means we have a 12-6 season, I am all for it. As I have never witnessed such a season with the cats. ( if you are the stamps a 12-6 season is just plain terrible)

Of course you want your team to be firing on all cylinders going into the playoffs.

The west is better and that's been proven in over a 40 year period. Not sure why Eastern teams struggle year after year.

Tell that to the 2011 BC Lions who started the season 1-6 and then ended up winning the Grey Cup.

Yes and the Vegas Golden Nights are also in the Stanley cup finals.

Exceptions happen, but it's rare, that's why they are exceptions.

Is that really what you want from your team 1-6 record. Hey why don't we try 0-8; we can one up 2011 BC team.

We've been trying this mehod for years and we have NEVER succeeded, time to try something new- a quick start!

You should send your suggestion to the team's management, in case they have not thought of that.

I guess we're trying to say, that if they have thought of it, why haven't they tried (or even better done) it?

Just a wild guess, but I'm going to say that they did try to win all those games.

As for why they didn't actually win ... I suppose that's a long, long, long story.

This is the equivalent of asking a boxer "why did you let the other guy knock you out instead of you knocking him out? Why didn't you think of that?"

I think the most effective way to ensure we win games this season is to score more points than our opponents do. I just hope our coaches see it the same way as I do.

No, have to disagree. To use your analogy, it has been more a case of asking a boxer "let him pound on you for the first 6 or 7 rounds and then we will go for the KO in the last three."

You're interpretation presupposes that the team is choosing to do poorly in the early going (or that it has never occurred to them to try to start strong), which has no basis in reality. Your "suggestion" is completely vacuous, along the lines of, as another poster put it: "they should try to score more points than the other team."

The slow starts for the Cats in the last few seasons is becauseof the huge amount of personnel turnover that has occured season to season.It takes a few games for the team and new players to gel.

Perhaps the team should try to keep more of their players year after year.

We'll see how this pans out as ticats have signed most of their free agents in the off season.

My original point was simply, instead of repeating the bad starts year after year, why not learn what some of the successful teams are doing - and try to emulate them to get a good start. (Nothing to do with boxing or scoring more points - or any other tangent this thread has taken)