We had a slow start to the season and it seems to take awhile for us to find our groove each game, but I always had faith in this team and their ability to come through. Tonight was a good example of how several different players stepped up to contribute to the win. The never say die attitude means that we battle back, even when the wind’s sucked out of the sails with a shift in momentum. I like that. We can overcome adversity and stay focused. I think the turning point was Smart’s TD runback…nice to see him bust one open like that.

This team’s full of winners who do their best when they’re having fun. It looks like they’re starting to have fun again and we’re just starting to roll. That makes us dangerous.

Great win Lions. You pulled it together when you had to.

Lions never say die.

Yea, ... the offense started kinda flat and it took a while for the defense to stop Montreal's running game, but i think Joe Smith played a huge role and seemed to get better as the game went on. Even with the couple of dumb mistakes near the end they still pulled out the win. Good teams seem to do that.

It would appear that the Lions are starting to jell. I think they were still licking their wounds after losing to the Riders in the Western Division Final last year. But now it seems to be behind them. And hasn't there been some exciting football games in the CFL this season!?

Did anyone else notice the look on Wallys' face at the end of the first half? I dont think the team had any choice other than to perform. I was VERY happy to see Paris get back in the line up afer he got dinged up. Geroy update???

it was a great game this year kind of reminds me of the 1991 year when doug fluite and the lions almost played evey game like last night, and eventually they averaged 40,00 a game that year i do not know if the lions are going to average 40,000 a game buy there are a lot of simularities from that year and this year. but i do think if the lions can beat the eskimos in edmonton next week i think the lions could start averging 35,000 a game know that they will start playing western teams.

I will be up in Vancouver on September 13th (I have a friend who lives in Abbotsford) and will be attending the Riders vs Lions game there at BC Place. I am hoping for 35/40,000 fans in the seats for that game! Go Lions!

cool we play edmonton and calgary here befor that and i think if the lions keep winning, that sask game will get 40,000 maybe more.

Lions did not look good for the first half and if not for Montreal playing bad in the second half we would have lost. It will eventually catch up with the Lions if they have to fight back all the time. I am not sold on Jarious Jackson. Not consistent and always starts slow. It's going to be like this all season long. :roll:

But I guess we could say that about all of the teams at this point, no? The games have been rubber ball matches with the lead bouncing back and forth along with the momentum. No team has been "dominant"'s been close calls that go right to the wire. Important thing is, we're starting to find a way to win (which is what this team is about). I don't honestly care how they get there, just that they do. So you keep looking at your half empty glass...mine's half full right now. :wink:

"If they have to fight back"....they ARE fighting back - that's what counts.

I really think your missing the point here! Fighting back the whole 4 quarters is what separates winners from losers!They were down big time and fought back to win, that is the sign of a winning team! I'd take a slow first half and strong second rather than a strong first and a weak second! They proved that despite being way behind they kept bringin it! Jariuos is a slow started it took him the first half to see thru Montreals defence. And extra credit the new coach is bringin new things that the CFL hasn't seen before!
no such thing as a perfect game this season so far, I'd say the Lions look pretty good right now! Thinking outside the box you would see this as well!

Well, with Dave Dickenson we never had this problem of slow starts or for that matter with Buck Pierce. But he is injury prone so that is the only reason Jackson is starting. Remember Pierce was the starting QB. Analyzing the QB situaton is "thinking outside the box". :wink: