Slow motion of NFL games on American networks fantastic

Ok, I know Canadian networks don't have the money for all the cameras they use for NFL games in the States but man, I love the slow motion plays they use, especially from the end-zone where you see the linebackers eyes get large before a play and then the way the play happens in slow motion, especially like I say from end-zone shots. It's like your right in the middle of the action. I can only imagine if you have a big high-def TV and what these broadcasts look like. No other league in whatever sport can match how NFL broadcasts are done IMHO.

And I know CFL would look just as good if the networks here had the money for all the cameras they use down there. It would be great.

Of course it would be, Earl-it's football! Nothing matches the drama, the intensity, the passion of the greatest sport that God gave humanity the privilege and blessing to play and watch. And that's one thing that Americans have gotten completely right-our devotion to the game...okay, we've done some other good stuff, too...but over the past half century, football has become the most popular sport in the USA, and the #1 reason is the rise of television. Someone once wrote: "If football wasn't invented, television would have invented it; and if television wasn't invented, football would have invented it." Baseball purists -and the age of the average baseball fan is creeping closer and closer to dead- will argue about their game being "America's Pasttime;" to which I -and many others- reply: "You can keep that title, or debate it with NASCAR fans. Football is America's PASSION!" Oh, that it would be Canada's, as well-then you'd see advanced camera angles, better replays and more coverage...but alas, the wonderful, friendly, caring folks in the beautiful Land of the Maple Leaf are committed in their love of hockey-a noble sport, IMHO, but not as compelling as the games of the gridiron.

MAN OH MAN, I LOVE FOOTBALL!! But you guys and gals already know that :smiley:

Steveemac wrote: their love of hockey - a noble sport, IMHO, but not as compelling as the games of the gridiron.

Very well said. I don't mind hockey but can't compare with football. There are times I wish I was born in the States where football is king, or close, and revel in how they love the sport there. But I'll still take Canada for many other reasons even if football here is always, or usually anyway, 2nd to hockey. We still have a lot of great fans, as you say look at this forum, who love football.

Enjoyed your post stevee, very well said!!! :thup: