(Slow) Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 8

I apologize to those members of the forum who expected me to do my game thread(s) and the witching thread with the usual ruthless efficiency yesterday. I had company over last evening, so I wasn't able to contribute as usual to the threads.

As for the game last night, I think that it was the most wowing performance by a Ticat secondary re ballhawking (thanks Rod, drink 5) that I can recall since the Michael Bishop room service pick-six festival we had in the Peg years ago. It was a combination of Bad Hank plus an outbreak of good DB hands plus brilliant switch and snag on the part of Breaux on his pick. We had good pass rush from the front seven as well that set the tone defensively.

Offensively, I did like the attempt late to balance the attack. Collaros often did not have a clean pocket but was able to move the ball enough to ice the cake the D kept serving up. I think that Giguere's play in the slot has really created a pleasant problem that Condell and Austin will need to solve by shifting someone out to wideout since Sam is really producing well when subbing for Fantuz.

The Banks return TD was incredible and absolutely vital in shifting momentum. I hope he's learned his lesson after the near-safety-going-in-reverse debacle in T.O. and will continue to go north-south with his first stride to make positive yardage on his returns.

Those are the initial impressions I have from last night. A slow start again nearly bit us in the butt, yet the defence really stepped it up in the clutch to slam the door!

Oski Wee Wee,


Hey Russ you know you are not allowed to have "company" next Saturday, no matter how good looking she is, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oski Wee Wee,


Hey Russ:

I would think that at ANY time during the course of a season, last night (Halloween) would be THE time to have the Witches thread on time. LOL.

Usually, I'm nervous before a game. For some reason, last night, I was very calm and didn't get the edgies until near the end. Although, I had some concern for our slow start.

As I pointed in another thread, I have some concerns regarding our Oline, run and pass rush defense, special teams (stopping the other team's returns).

We got the win.

Let's hope that the Redblacks can play an even more effective game next weekend.

We really dodged a bullet last night. D was our saviour all night. Although they gave up some headscratchers they also made some truly wonderful plays. I am so glad the BIG BAD TED Laurent returned. He is a disruptive presence and his absence was noted last week in the big smoke.

Defence wins championships. We'll see on Saturday how good our D really is. Although not going head to head with the Larks D if they can keep their QB puzzled we stand a very good chance of winning.


I loved his tackle in the Red's backfield on Patrick Lavoie. Laurent was very disruptive on that play.

I was finally able to get to a Tiger-Cats game for the first time since the last game at IWS. I was able to score tickets 3 rows up from the field right behind the Ottawa bench. The first pick-6 was off a tipped pass from O'Brien. Brandon Stewart inally had his INT, and it probably should have been his second, since he almost made a one-handed snag earlier in the game. Had he made it, he would STILL be running (he did his pushups for missing the catch).

Bad Hank made the cardinal mistake of throwing the ball to an area Delvin Breaux was defending. Actually, DB read the play perfectly when he saw the intended receiver trip and jumped the route with the ball in the air.

I was ready to ask KA to bench Speedy after he once again fumbled a punt reception and ran backwards, but all was forgiven a few minutes later... lol. The misdirection he and Sinkfield did with the fake pitch/reverse was a thing of beauty, as well as breaking the tackle at midfield. The rest was pure speed. You cannot teach speed.

What concerns me is the O-line. They are as effective as wet toilet paper. Watching the game live, and then on PVR, the blitz was in Zack's face within 1.5 seconds. Not nearly enough time to dump the ball off. Even with Madu and Prime in there, the line were turnstiles - not acceptable.

What WAS acceptable was the discipline of the team last night, I believe that was the fewest number of penalties they have had in a LONG time. As a matter of face, that officiating crew threw FAR fewer flags than normal. I wonder if they were reprimanded after calling 40 infractions 3 weeks ago?