Slow Day...Rod Black?

First I'd like to congratulate the media consortium that is bringing us the Olympics. Their production is a massive improvement over the CBC, but then again that's usually the case.

During the CFL season it is common for jokes and criticism about Rod Black to be something of the nature that he's better at figure skating. Based on the limited amount of figure skating I've watched this week I'm not so sure. After Virtue & Moir gave a remarkable performance and on the verge of Canada's first gold medal in their sport, Rod Black's signature call was..."Is it enough?!"

Personally, I'm going to refrain from the Rod Black figure skating jokes as he's proven himself to be not enough even for that.

I like Rod Black, I find his commentary to be quite amusing (unintentionally) and i find it far better than Cuthberts because of this.

Rod Black is the worst broadcaster on the planet...Cuthbert is awfull and don't get me started on Pierre McGuire....
I was watching Team Canada the other day and it would be nice if the Play by play guy did only that..instead of the biography of each guy who touches the puck.
Aw the good old days with Danny Gallivan and the cannonating drive!

Lol, I wanted to punch Pierre in the face if he whinned about Nash one more effin time lol… We get it, he should have taken a penalty shot, say it once and shut the hell up! lol

I find Rod Black to be melodramatic which in the end is good because I really think that he doesn’t take himself too seriously as such because he knows he can’t really pull it off and therefore I find him humourous as well and he works. Sort of like bands, the ones that are anthemically melodramatic but have the humour to go with their not so serious lyrics, work. They know enough to not take themselves too seriously so you can have some fun with their melodramtic style.

But when I want a real drama that makes me cry and really feel it, Rod Black doesn’t cut it and not too many sportcasters, I think you need to get into other areas of broadcast news to find this. Sports is great but in the end, it’s just sports. If we don’t get a medal in mens hockey, I’m not going to go into a depression or cry or that. Well, unless of course someone dies like the young chap from Georgia did, that’s drama, not the sports drama we’re looking for but real drama that needs to be taken very seriously.

He is absolutely terrible. The only reason I had the volume up for some of the skating was because Sale and Pelletier are hilarious and very informative.

Rod Black drives me nuts he is ridiculous.

It would be nice if the cable companies or whoever gave us the option to block the chatter and just hear sounds from the ice/field/etc. When CBC went on strike a few years ago it was just like that...just like being there.

Man have you got that right Ockham. :thup:

I'd love that. Some of the other people commentating are doing a crap job too.

Someone should shove a dirty sock in Rod Black's mouth. He's commenting on a sport that he knows nothing about. Who had that bright idea?

An Argo-Cat fan

He's been doing skating for years. He does know the sport even if you don't like him. For the record I think he's pretty good. Its not usually him that disrupts the enjoyment of the program by talking thru it. That honour goes to the experts they pair him up with. Last nights women's short was really good when they just let the canadian girl (I'm not attempting to spell it) skate and let the performance speak for itself

I much prefer Chris Cuthbert but Rod Black has been around for a long time and he's fine, it's not like I turn the channel because he's doing the commentary.

Bell TV has 5 channels of exactly that for the Games.

Seriously? If so there’ll be a change made soon.

Kinda late. It's done Sunday.

I guess I shouldn't assume they offer this service for other sporting events. I'll look into it though. Thanks for the tip.

As far as I know this is only the second time they’ve done something like this. They had 2 commentator-free commercial-free channels for the Beijing games. (Did I mention they were also commercial-free?)

Paging Mick Foley...

"Mr. Socko!"

They just run the feeds that they stream online on the Bell channels.

If you goto CTV's olympic site, for many events going on you can watch them live. And any events that are streaming live online have no broadcasters (and they dont cut to commercials so you get to see behind the scenes stuff like athletes practicing, talking with coaches, etc)

As for Black, I really dont mind him. Not his biggest fan when it comes to CFL, but for the Olympics and the Jays (when theyre on TSN) I think he does alright.. and he has done skating for years so at least he knows what he's commentating on.. unlike mr Jamie Campbell, who is just so lost doing all of those skiing events.

anyone watch the women's bobsled last night?? Whoever the winner was doing the commentary with the chipmunk voiced chick didn't even sound like he was speaking English lol.