Slow day.....Now what for Obie?

Obie mentioned that he is still trying to get a couple of things done in his Jason J interview.
What could be next?

I would like to see if Obie could recover a draft pick in the first round for one, and obviously a punter has to be on his list.
What else do you think he is working on?

I can see him possibly dealing with Keith (trade/release) and maybe signing James Johnson or Steven Holness.

Keith for Boreham? I know one person in particular would be thrilled with such a trade (although she’d be predictably sad to see KK go).

I Think they still Believe in Keith
so He may Say and have to prove he back and Ready to go in Camp
Since last year His Salary did not count vs the Cap.
There no huge Signing Bonus due that I know of .

Can you even cut a player in the offseason if he's injured?

I would be SHOCKED if KK opened the season with the Cats.
KK has a lot of miles on those legs of his and he is approaching 30.
Not young for a RB.
With his BIG salary and Cobb, Smith, and Ebell still in the fold I think the writting is on the wall for an almost certain release.
Plus Obie will add a couple of RB prospects to the camp roster.

According to, Keith's birthdate is Jul 14, 1980, and Cobb's is May 18, 1981. That's just over 10 months difference in age.

Here are the top 8 rushers in the league last year and their birthdates (from oldest to youngest):
Jamal Robertson: 1977-01-10
Avon Cobourne: 1979-03-06
Wes Cates: 1979-03-10
Joffrey Reynolds: 1979-11-26
Cobb: 1981-05-18
Fred Reid: 1982-03-16
Akree Whitlock: 1984-05-10
Martell Mallet: 1986-05-13

He doesnt really have that much miles on him considering he's never really been a full time back wherever he's been, in Regina he was always splitting time with Holmes and in Indy he was a back up to Adai. And his injury wasnt all that severe, I'd keep him and only cut him if a major high priced freeagent suddenly becomes available, there's no real need to have salary cap flexibility at this point.

From the end of 2004 until last year Cobb had 0 attempts for 0 yards.
Not a lot of miles on those legs.
Lightly driven to church and back for 4 years.


Kind of ironic to be reading this thread today. Wonder what Praechae thinks of slow days like this?

I think that the recent posts point to the fact that CFL HBs tend not to break down in as a pronounced way as NFL HBs do. Obviously injury history impacts each individual case, but we are not talking 300+-carry seasons as has often been the case with teams down south with a featured back. Today, most NFL teams feature two or more backs in a rotation.

Fred Reid "only" got up to 238 carries to lead the CFL in 2009 (Cobb had 216) -- compare that to Chris Johnson's 358 carries playing a 16-game season in the points to the emphasis on the passing game up north. As a result, I do believe that you can see more thirtysomething running backs in the CFL being productive compared to their counterparts in the NFL. The recent line of prominent halfbacks in the NFL in that age range (Alexander, James, now Tomlinson) who get broken down, drop in productivity, and get released is a pointer to the cost of a greater focus on the running game in the NFL with the bigger bodies, tighter OL splits, and tendency to pound inside the box more than the CFL IMHO. [url=] ... /year/2009[/url]

The window for running backs to be impact players in their thirties is narrow in both leagues. If Keith is fit to play and factors into the Cats' plans in 2010, I see no reason why he can't play a role as a complement to DeAndra' Cobb. Our offensive depth is a strength.

Oski Wee Wee,


CFL teams can cut players during the season if
they take care of the player's health care costs

I think that holds true in the off season as well.

I imagine that usually only benefits imports.