Sloppy Football To Open Season

Not sure if it was the inclimate weahter or what, but there was some bad footballl played this past weekend.
Saskatchewan BC was the best game, but it was littered with fumbles and interceptions.
HOpefully this was first week jitters, and the teams settle down and put on a better show.

Although these game count in the standings, its still very much like the pre-season. Maybe in weeks 3 or 4 you will see some better football being played, as the starters get more game action. I would like to see maybe one more week of pre-season games- there is enough room for it in the schedule. A 3rd pre-season games will give the coaches more game action to evaluate players and give your first string guys a chance to get into mid-season form.

This happens every year some are worse then others :slight_smile:

Even though there were too many turn overs, I thought it was the most exciting game of the week.


It's just a consequence of a short training camp and preseason.

Yep. The alternative, four pre-season games, is worse than a couple of sloppy early season games.

Offences usually take a little longer to gel the the defence does by Aug we should see some exciting Games

sloppy yes, but exciting I'd rather watch a sloppy game that's exciting and high scoring then a game with no turnovers and low scoring.

I enjoyed week one immensely even though yes, there were a lot of turnovers and mistakes, all part of ironing the kinks out.

I'd like to see the league go back to a 16 game schedule and have 2 more preseason games. That would give teams a better chance to get all the kinks out of their systems. I know it will never happen, but ya never know.

No game is ever perfect. Great plays AND mistakes makes football what it is!

I would tend to agree with you. Last week I watched both the Wpg-Edm game and the BC-Ssk game. I found the Wpg-Edm game to be boring, it was low scoring and I don't think there were many turnovers. The BC-Sask game was certainly more entertaining to watch, but as a Lions fan, it was frustrating to watch because it was so sloppy.

Trust me, the same is true for this Rider fan - only difference I suppose is that the W in the end took some of the sting away! But it was really exciting all the same - I couldn't miss a minute, even though I wanted to punch my TV more than once!