Slogan for the 2007 Cats.

The Hamilton Spectator ran a photo comparison between Jason Maas and Golum.

A while ago, I recall reading a column by Steve Milton (one of the Spectator columnists who are actually quite good, IMHO) that suggested slogans like these after a one-sided loss:

"Come and see if we can get a touchdown!"

"It can't get any worse than it is now!"

"Booing can be fun too!"

I bet that if Golum threw something at somebody,He’d hit them!

among others:

I bet that if Golum threw something at somebody,He'd hit them!

You guys are pretty cruel.

Funny, but cruel.

How about the Seinfeld soup nazi's:

"No tickets for you."


How about, "No touchdowns for you!"?


"Hearts Of Fire
Pants of Gold !"

The 2007 Ticats...

"We think THIS Greg Marshall can coach"


post of the month!

I'm watching another two teams play and on comes the Cats commercial ,with "we come to play" or something,I found it to be a turn off,why waste the meoney?
Not as bad as some of those beer commercials we see over and over ,like the one with the choir singers....brutal,I change the channel when that comes on.....

how about
"we want to win more than ever, so we don't have to listen to the fans whine anymore" :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


"we're still the best looking team in the league" :smiley:

or just to bug jesse....

"wheres the post game party at?"

Oski wee wee Mine:


You win, Oski wee wee. I dare say no one is going to top this. Great entry!

Oski Wee Wee,

No slogans....

We walk the walk

How about no talk ,just show differenmt exciting high lights during each commercial,no more we talk the talk!

There's always next year.

Two years without a QB controversy.

Stop bugging us about our pants.

You still can't smuggle in water.

Now with porta-potties in the parking lot.

Just blame it on the __________.

Argos Still Suck.