Slip....slippin away...

....Looks like our chances for post-season play got a whole lot slimmer after this weeks action....B.C. wins (i guess huffer told his guys to take the night off)...Edm. pulls off a win ....( i guess Hall told them there will be a lot more lobster if they can beat the boatmen)...We have lost the season series with argos and cats and we are now hearing from one of our star players, who could've helped, that he may not be that interested in coming back ... :thdn: This year appears to be a write-off...Chances of making the play-offs are dim at best...I say we tune-up for next everyone that we think can make a difference in 2011. Assess every player and get rid of the deadwood...First round pic could be ours and it looks like another deep draft year we finish dead-last or second last...Should end up with a fair player either way...AND for those guys who think we can win-out with a decent effort... after witnessing what took place last game,I think the refs. will put a kibosh on that :wink: Sorry for sounding so negative guys but that's the way i see it... I hope the BigBlue prove me wrong and we win-out...I promised a friend i'd buy him a couple of bottles of Gibsons Finest if we do...Do you think i'm in any danger of having to deliver on that one.....Guess we'll see :roll: :roll:

The home and home against BC will give us a lot of answers as to the play-off situation.

Toronto is the only team the Eskimos can beat at this point so I wouldn't consider them serious competition. BC is on fire recently though so it might be hard to catch them. As bad as Toronto is right now, it will be tough to get 4 games on them with only 6 left to play.

It will all come down to the next 2 weeks and how those games go. Personally I hope BC can pick up a pair of W's but I wouldn't be surprised to see a split or a pair of Bomber victories either.

I don't think Edmonton is much of a concern. Sweep the home and home with BC and I still like our chances.. a split will make it tough.. would probably mean we have to actually go out there and beat one of the top teams for 60 minutes instead of 50. Two losses and we're toast.

keep in mind we do play BCx2, Edmonton and Toronto.. and BC is probably the toughest team of those at the moment. the other two games are Montreal and Calgary.. both winnable given our previous performances against them.

something between 4-2 and 6-0 is not out of the question.. I sure wouldn't call it likely but you never know.. thing with this team is they've shown flashes of brilliance all year long.. so unlike most 3-9 teams, there's always that chance.

i don't like the way it looks, but i'm not giving up yet.. although I agree the primary objective should be to tune-up for next year as right now, this is still a rebuilding year.. if we get into the playoffs great, but we have a team that could truly be great in the next couple of years.. so I certainly wouldn't be in favour of doing anything that could diminish that just for a shot at the playoffs this year

No worries, we'll spank the Esk's good for ya, just make sure you win on your end and you're in business :thup:

When the series is through, Ricky Ray will have nightmares of Stevie "Money" Baggs and Garrett McIntyre for months :twisted:

By the way, Jyles is a very impressive QB.Hell, i'll go out on the limb and say he'll be top 3 next season.But first you guys have to lose Uncle Buck.

I'd much rather face the Bombers in the playoffs if possible, if we lost to the Arblow's we'd never live it down :lol:
Git er' done Blue!

The Bombers seem to play so well at home, if they could just get some road wins they might be able to put something together and get into the playoffs. Getting a win in B.C. would be a good start. :thup:

Bombers may just be the team to beat!!!

I've never heard you so down Papa! This is a good team, something to believe in again. I'm enjoying this a lot more than I did last year.

The playoffs are in their hands! If they beat BC (2x) and Edmonton - they would just need to keep pace with those two for the rest of the season. They still don't need "help" from other teams, they are in control! Can they do it? Good question. They certainly have the talent, but I'm not 100% convinced they have the experience.

Dave Ritchie's words (for every rookie on a team you will get a loss that season) is looking pretty true right now. That is compounded with a Rookie head coach, who has also made a few mistakes. But this team will not be rookies for long, and I got a good feeling about the next few years with this team!

Keep believing Papa!'re right wpgotis...i'm a little weary i guess of all of the neg. crap that's happened with this club from day 1.....injuries that never end (too many this year, but we're getting healthier for the stretch run)...bad coaching (but they're learning)...endless opportunities blown( they'll learn to finish)...I guess the bad officiating has really set me off....It seems when we're just about to get off the mat the zebras swift-kick us in the groin...(nothing we can do about that but hope they review these guys in the offseason)...I'm going to quit with the negative stuff now and really concentrate on the statements i put in brackets...I'm with our guys till we are mathematically eliminated (maybe we'll surprise a lot of people)...Soooooo the best is yet to come...goBigBlue and give Wally a few more grey hairs...we ain't done yet.. :thup: :rockin:

IMO we are miles ahead of last year with respect to the overall talent on the team and in terms of coaches and GM. Inexperience and injuries have been our enemies. I like our chances of making the playoffs this year. If we can keep the bulk of this team together for a few years then I think we will be a great team both on the field and in the standings.'s entirely possible to make the playoffs...let's start by beatin' the Lions this weekend and go from there! :thup:

I agree. We’re the best 3-9 team I can remember. If we can hold the bulk of this roster together, including Hefney, we’ll make a lot of noise next year. This year? A long shot but far from impossible. Let’s at least have some fun with the final run and throw a scare into a few other teams. We need to sweep BC and they’ve been lousy at home, so let’s take it to them. :rockin:

I think we're a hell of a good team. I rather be climbing up, than sliding and not knowing what's wrong. Success is always better with a struggle.

With all due respect, and I say this as an Als' fan, I think Jyles and company are starting to gell. And what about your recent addition Greg Carr? Your D always comes out to play and I think the O is starting to get on track and make plays. They have been plagued by the old "injury bug" at the worst possible position - the QB!

However, I have seen the Bombers get better each week. Many of your losses were of the "aggravating" type - less than a TD. I don't think your season is over by a long shot and I don't think you should write them off just yet.

I do agree with many of your posters about the inconsistency in officiating and I, too, am aggravated by the number of PIs/contacting the receiver. We know all about that in Montreal as we have the highest number of PIs! In the offseason, I hope that there will be a clarification of or a change of rules and that the zebras' calls will be more equitable for all teams!


There are some interesting stats up over at the Bomber site forum regarding PI yards for each team. And although the Als have been flagged for 250 yards against, they have benefited from 353 yards for, a difference of +103 yards.

Here are the actual yard differences by team:

BC +148
MTL +103
Ham +70

TO -38
Sask -43
Edm -64
Cal -67
Wpg -85

As you can see, only 3 teams are on the plus side in terms of yards gained by PI calls, just saying, that's all.

Total PI plus-minus doesn't take into account how those yards were distributed within individual games, nor does it address the fact that the Alouettes are the most penalized team in the league, going beyond just PI calls.

No it doesn't but I'm glad you brought it up.

The law of averages would suggest that If the probability of a given outcome to an event is P and the event is repeated N times, then the larger N becomes, so the likelihood increases that the closer, in proportion, will be the occurrence of the given outcome to N*P.

Or, the more times you attempt a pass (N) the more likely that pass interference (P) should occur.

The Als lead the league in pass attempts, so it should stand to reason that they will have more pass interference calls, or in this case yards.

And that is indeed the outcome we see from the data at hand.

The average for the league in pass attempts is 415 and the average PI yards is 197.

That is a ratio of roughly 2.1:1

The ratio's for each team are as follows:

BC 1.2:1
Mtl 1.3:1
Ham 1.7:1
Tor 1.8:1
Average 2.1:1
Cal 2.9:1
Sk 3.2:1
Wpg 4.5:1
Edm 6.8:1

My conclussion from all of this, that the teams falling below the league average are getting shafted and they just happen to be the teams without loud mouthed private owners. :wink:

.....good work pigseye.....I never thought of it that way...(your last statement) but you know what they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease...and it sure looks like something or someone got greased in that last game :lol: