Slimmer pickings

Losing Giguere, Shologan to NFL forces Ticats to look elsewhere

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Players like Giguere ,sign all the time with NFL teams as has been mentioned by many others and don't last ,so they are a long shot for next year ,why not draft them if you know they are interested in playing here .

If they are not interested ,for example they want to play in Quebec only then ,you would not waste the draft pick for sure.

Hopefully we've talked to these players (for sure) and know who would like to play here and who is not fitting in to our plans ....

Slimpickins ?....not really

If you can find out what these guys signing bonuses are you will see how good of a chance they have to make their respective teams.

I think Giguere and Shologan are both long shots. I do think of the 2 Giguere has the best chance but really think that it's a very slim one.
With the depth on the Chargers roster I think Shologan has a very hard road in front of him to make it.

I would draft Barker 1st overall, just about the best athlete in the draft and fills an immediate need. Then with 8 and 9 if both Giguere and Shologan are their take them.

I think Shologan will still go @ 2 with the Esks picking him, and Giguere will go 7th to the Als with a pick they traded for.

If the Cats really want either guy they will have to pick him at #1.

I agree with the above. there is such
slim pickings in this draft now that
giguere and shologan will go in the first
round.So if there isn't a dyer need for
a canadain DB, then pick giguere as #1.