Printers 4 picks and a fumble, for god sakes slide, if he gets hit we pick up an extract 15 yards, what is the point of jumping unless your are at the goal line. ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I agree wanker. He reacts to every successful play as if he just won the Grey Cup. His arrogance is unbelievable. "Play like you have done it a million times" He should have run out of bounds to stop the clock. He thinks that he has to win it on his own. Get rid of him NOW!

i'd rather get rid of YOU, "diehard"

Now now, just slide please

Now that hurts sigpig. You don't even know me...Keep printers if you want. He fits in well with this outfit. He came in last year announcing the losing ways were over, a new attitude was here and he even said that he was going to be the best QB in the league. Williams is even better! Argue that!

He should have went out of bounds, at that point, time is more valuable than picking up an extra 3 yards!

Forget about the picks and a couple questionable reffing calling. We had the ball with 1 minute to go. We needed to drive down and get a touchdown. We still had our timeout. STEP OUTTA BOUNDS or slide.

FYB is that you??

You clearly have something against Printers. In a season like this one, I was acting like he won the Grey Cup on some of those plays. I can’t blame him for being excited when something finally “clicks” for him and I haven’t seen any of his infamous arrogance since he’s been here. He’s been a complete professional. Mistakes are bound to be made on a young team like ours.

Can't agree more..............just another BAD choice by printers!!!!