Sleepless nights

As Sunday comes closer here’s my thoughts… Were due for a win no excuses for injurys we’ve suffered if these boys are real pros they give it all Sunday.
We go to Ottawa and the opponent poops the bed
The minute it’s in hand I’m booking my trip to edmonton

I’m worried about the “in hand” part. Be very careful if it’s a close game, say an 8-point Ticat lead, and there’s about 33 seconds left on the clock.

Oh wow. Get this guy a drink.

Bottom Line: We really don’t have the offence to beat anyone. There even thinking of sitting Sink.

Or sink is injured …

Or Sink has not yet done enough to crack the starting line-up?

Just being on the field is enough. They would have to double team him. And he would be
good at returning kicks.

After Rick Flair I’m leaving.

Depending on the score, you might have alot of followers.

Best Ric Flair quote: “If I’m gonna die from a heart attack It’ll be on top of your girlfriend”:…LOL.

Right after you pick up yer Blackout cape and rally towel . Oski - WOOOOOOOO - WOOOOOOO !!! 8)

I think the legend of Sink is WWE-esc. The guy has 1 x 1000 yd season. He’s not Jerry Rice.

He’s still the fastest we got.(except for Speedy possibly)He hands maybe a little rusty, but speed
he’s got in spades.

Speed means nothing if you can’t get into the open field

Speed means nothing if you run the wrong route

Speed means nothing if you’re injured

I’ve been hard on June Jones but if he’s not playing tomorrow there has to be a logical explanation.

Also, Sinkfield was never a June Jones guy as he predates June’s tenure.

Sinkfield is a Tillman guy. Perhaps Terrell is truly injured and/or he’s not fitting in with the offense as quickly as say Addison is. Who knows. I just think the best “system” has the flexibility to adapt to all size/speed/height.

Agree with you Crash. There is something else going on with Sink. Injury or not up to speed on plays or ? ? ?

Doesn’t 70% of this team predate June’s tenure?

Certainly the ones not succumbed to injuries.

But your raise a good point. This is Kent’s team essentially.

They in effect bailed on him, let’s see if the kids perform in the ESF.

If we go down the tube on Sunday,there will be alot of questions for Jones to answer, and one
may be why he didn’t play Sink.

Not really a surprise, IMO. Jones also sat Addison the week after he fumbled on a return.