Slaying the beast(s)

Looking back on the wonderful 2009 season, I'm impressed by how the team systematically went about laying to rest all the ghosts that various pundits had positioned as holding the team back.

Can't beat BC? Took 1/2 regular season games (should have won 2/2 but the zebras intervened), then destroyed the Lions in the East final.

Can't beat Calgary? 2/2 on the year.

Can't win against the West? Beat every team in the division.

Can't hold a lead? 15-3 record suggests otherwise.

Defense a weak point? Led the league in most statistic categories.

Can't come from behind and win? See Grey Cup.

Can't win the big game? See Grey Cup.

Calvillo not a clutch player? See Grey Cup.

Over the course of the 2009 season, every doubt that hung over this team's head was put to rest.

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Lost to Edmonton at Commonwealth, Thee Als first loss. Grey Cup 2010 (???????????) is in Question. Other than that, good info.

Well thats more like cant beat BC in BC. We beat them more often than not here in Montreal
Twice this year including the East final
Once at home in 2008, the famous 3 attempts at 3rd and goal from the one
Beat them here in 2007
Beat them at home in 2005...... TD to Stalla with no time on the clock

we beat 2 of them twice and 1 of them 3 times

Cant say I ever heard that one

Dont forget the rematch against BC
Winning TD scored with less than a minute to play

Have you forgotten the 50-16 A$$-wooping the Als game the eskes here in Montreal?
If total points were an issue. MTL is up by 20

I gotta ask
What does it have to do with the 2010 Grey Cup?

It's all good, just Eskimo pride. Always enjoy seeing Montreal play, either at old Empire stadium when I was a kid, when moved to B.C. Place and now Commonwealth. Cheers otherwise.

That was the only real loss of the season as far as I'm concerned. The BC loss was ref-assisted, while we rested a bunch of starters in the Winnipeg blowout.

Edmonton played mistake-free ball that game and were full value for the win.

Fair enough. But BC is a team that always gives us trouble, win or lose. This past year, we laid that ghost to rest.

Can't hold a lead? Cant say I ever heard that one
Well, if you remember 2008, we had a few games in which we went up by a considerable amount but then blew leads later in the second half. It wasn't a huge concern, but the ability to finish what you start needed to be addressed heading into the 2009 season. And it was.
Dont forget the rematch against BC Winning TD scored with less than a minute to play
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Now I remember, its pretty much what inspired the 57 + 3 mantra of 2009